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My younger brother informed me about this operating system.  While I have never used it, it nevertheless struck me how similar it was in principle to how societies and, perhaps, even whole ecosystems and universes organize themselves.  Even if this is not a 100% accurate model for societies and social organizations, it nevertheless seems to be an interesting method of modeling and explaining how they are, grow, develop, evolve, and function, both through the bottom-up workings of its code and its top-down programmatic functions.  It is a potential way of describing and working with the complexity of social systems as interdependent, interconnected, and somewhat modular within the context of an ecological and cosmological system.  This is not some hippy-dippy notion of the universe, but one that could potentially be used as a tool for scientific and evidenced-based management of ourselves, individually and collectively, within the context of our environment and our universe.

Very interesting.

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Indeed, what is a human society but a larger social organism, based on this definition?

I’m honestly not sure about the Gaia Hypothesis, because the systems can be way too divergent.  However, the principle of interconnectedness may prove to be a useful tool in understanding how things work and what effects what in this universe, society, and environment.  If we could work to map out our social, ecological, and cosmological universe, we may end up with one of the most useful tools we could have in order to test, diagnose, and solve problems within our society from the micro through to the macro levels, such that everyone benefits and no one gets hurt in the process.  The bottom is influenced and effected by the top, the top is kept in line by the bottom.  The two need to work together in order to produce a healthy and functional society for the sake of each actors’ own sake and for the sake of all other beings, human or otherwise, living in the world with us.

This is how the world is.  No point in trying to make it “be” anything other than what it is.


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Into the Valley of Shadow

Popular insurgent warfare is probably the strongest form of warfare, because it does not obey the strategies, logistical constraints, or sociological “rules” of modern warfare or the tactics of the already strong.  Those who can hit and fade into the background of a society are the most powerful fighters, because those who have the military might cannot strike at them without ensuring that they themselves get hit as a result of striking at the general population from which the rebel fighters come from.  The police and military become outsiders in the community.  Nobody wants to side or work with them and everyone is willing to give shelter and aid to the rebel fighters.  How is this?  Because the public aligns with the rebel fighters rather than the police or military forces.  The Federal troops are outsiders and the police are alienated from the communities they’re supposed to enforce law in.  This is the energy that fuels insurgent warfare; not money, or resources.  If you want to defeat the rebels definitively, you must make sure that they (the rebels) are the ones who are self-alienating forces.  Make sure that you maintain good relations with the general public and, quite frankly, out-govern the rebels.

Government, in any of its forms, must compete with the various factions of society who wish to dismantle it and establish their own order in society.  It is not a monetary competition, but a non-monetary one, where the measure of success is significantly more complex and complicated than the measure of success for businesses and personal profiteers.  These are life and death stakes, literally, in some cases.  Please, do not underestimate the influence and power of the society that you are governing WITHIN (not over) when you are making your policy choices and decisions.

Please.  I don’t want to be compelled to fight against the government and its members for the sake of preserving this society.  I WILL join the battalions who will lock horns with the current government for the sake of preserving this human society in which I live.  Life is not worth living under the oppressive hand of pure financial profiteering logic.  I will die fighting the forces of current capitalism than live under their beliefs, logics, and philosophies as to how the world ought to be and should function.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s death either way for me.  I might as well attempt to make my death be useful for the rest of the public than be worth nothing as a quiet and meek follower of the incorrect assumptions about how economies work and what economies are.

That is all I’ve got to say at this moment.

Please do not mistake me for someone who makes idle threats.

That is all.

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The Libertarian and Conservative Ignoratti

A government without the ability or will to create and enforce written law essentially leads to and is anarchy by default.  That is why Libertarians are, in essence, anarchists, because they do not want a government that has the ability to create and enforce law within the territory and population of its jurisdiction.

I agree that written law should coincide with natural law.  I don’t agree that the US Constitution was meant to create a feeble, ineffectual, and essentially inconsequential government and I also don’t agree that the US Constitution is a sacred text that cannot and should not be updated with the changing needs and conditions of society.  I believe in the spirit of the Constitution; the principles that underlie it, which describes a society of people being essentially equal under law, and entitled to the same rights and opportunities as everyone else in the society.  The net result of Libertarian or conservative systems of government is the production of societies where people have unequal opportunities and where people have no individual security other than what they can provide with the resources at their disposal (which gets less and less as those who have more take more and more).  In this sense, people are essentially like dogs, who do not have the ability to control their own feeding habits when presented with the opportunity for unlimited access to material and social resources.  The half a million becomes a million, the million becomes five, the five multiples to twenty, and so on and so forth, regardless of if that wealth is something that they need or if it is produced with methods that detract from their social, personal, and environmental condition.

Therefore, we should not listen to conservative or Libertarian voices in our government.  Their root ideas, beliefs, and sentiments are self-destructive and toxic for the rest of our society, which then makes it toxic for themselves as well.  They are the Ignoratti; a group of people who need to come in for psychiatric treatment.  While they may be more functional than those who are presently diagnosable with mental illnesses, they are far more destructive to themselves and their societies through their actions, beliefs, and perspectives.  We may all be human and, in that sense, of essentially equal value.  However, opinion does not work like that, along with the ability to work with the world as a whole around you.  They need to come in from the cold, if they want to be considered legitimate participants in our government, or, we must exclude them from positions of authority, responsibility, and societal management.  We will die because of these people, if we allow them to stay in place.  I am not asking for their deaths.  I am asking for us to help them and to bear the condition and consequences of their brains in mind when listening to them within the larger political discourse.  That’s all that I’m asking for.  I doubt anyone will listen and help me put that into practice in real life.

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A New Kind of Lawyer (aka, A Scientist)

I am a lawyer in the sense that I study and advocate for natural law (rather than our written laws, which have no value or authority in the universe other than how they impact our social world and how well we enforce it).  Technically, this makes me a scientist and not a lawyer.  But when it comes to making sense of these things, it may be helpful to tint the information in this light to make it more comprehensible to the public and to the current set of governing individuals in our world today.  We are all, indeed, subject to law.  However, it is not the written laws of our Constitution or the written laws passed through acts of our legislatures that really matter.  It is the laws of the universe that really matter; the essence of cause and effect, that really governs our world in perpetuity and in spite of anything that we may do to make it “be” otherwise.

The sad part about the present state of humanity is that we’re governed by people who do not know or care to know the natural law and, instead, suffer under the ignorance and delusion that the written laws that they produce matter relative to our natural laws.  It is better to adapt the written laws to the natural laws of cause and effect, especially if we want to survive, let alone, be able to thrive in perpetuity and in spite of the natural calamities and disasters that are still likely to happen in our universe as time goes by.  We are governed by lawyers who only study and advocate for written laws.  It is time that we become governed by lawyers who study and advocate for natural laws.


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A Naturally Bounded Reality

I am, indeed, closed to some ideas and some concepts if they have been definitively proven to be incorrect in common reality.  I will not seriously entertain the notion that 2+2=5 or that the area of a triangle is anything other than bh/2.  The same is true for many things in the realm of making policy, in terms of causes and effects, because societies and economies have their own properties and natural laws that govern them.  The only difference is that we have not systemically studied these laws and principles with the scientific method or the testing tools that we have at our disposal, even though many of the great political thinkers and philosophers (Confucius, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Buddha, etc) have already touched upon these natural laws through intuition and experience.  We can double check, confirm, and bear witness to the natural law being carried out, even if we do not have any say at present as to what those laws actually are.  Even if we figure out how to defy gravity, or conscientiously effect reality itself, we will still be subject to the consequences of doing so, regardless about what we feel and how we think about it.  Being correct is not an equal opportunity thing, and just because you may be able to do something doesn’t mean it’s in your interests as an individual relative to society, the environment, and the universe to do so.

Therefore, we are at a crossroads in the universe, in my estimation of current events and present conditions.  We will either learn to accept our place in the grand scheme of things and acknowledge the power, influence, and necessity of natural law and conditions, or, we will succumb to our arrogance, stupidity, and willful ignorance that the universe can be something other than what it is.  We do not make reality, reality makes us.  You can either accept these facts and all others, and have a chance at survival.  Or, you can persist in your willful ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity of how things are, and increase your chances of death, destruction, and self-mutilation.

These are the stakes.  What’s it going to be?

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Top-Down Causation and the Rise of Information in the Emergence of Life

Biological systems represent a unique class of physical systems in how they process and manage information. This suggests that changes in the flow and distribution of information played a prominent role in the origin of life. Here I review and expand on an emerging conceptual framework suggesting that the origin of life may be identified as a transition in causal structure and information flow, and detail some of the implications for understanding the early stages chemical evolution.

Top-Down Causation and the Rise of Information in the Emergence of Life
Sara Imari Walker

Information 2014, 5(3), 424-439;


If this is the case, then it confirms a lot of what I’ve been hypothesizing about government and its role in shaping the legal landscape of our social world (which then influences our ecological, social, environmental, and political world).  Government is always beholden to the natural laws of physics, biology, psychology/neurology, sociology, and economics.  However, government can play a significant role in determining the effects that we experience in our world, based on their obedience to natural laws and limits.

We can make a better, healthier, more sustainable, and more resilient world for ourselves within the context of our environment, social, ecological, and cosmological.  The question is, do we have the will, intelligence, wisdom, sense, and accuracy of perception to do anything with it?

We’ll see, I guess.

Here’s hoping for a permanent leap forward for humanity.  One that will not end until the universe itself comes to an end (it always does).

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America the Dead

How bad could it be?  It could be pretty bad.  Luckily the cost of invasion of the US would be insanely expensive and painful for anyone who would dare to try it.

However, we are rusting in our society, starting with that joke of an educational system that we keep trying to prop up and salvage for the sake of testing companies and corrupt and uncaring teacher’s unions (not teachers).  We need curricula that enable students to learn and not just test them.  We need to build adults who will be functional members of society, able to learn and adapt, and not deferential to old ways just because they are old.  We need people who are aware of, accepting, and caring about the rest of the world in such a way that they accept other peoples for who they are and recognize their rights to live over our abilities to conquer, force, and cajole.

More immediately, we need to get the sick out of our capitals and into mental wards.  We need a serious change in the top management of our society; a whole cohort of people to take over the critical networks and do the jobs that they’re supposed to do for our society, which is what is technically in their self interest.  High profits for businesses are second to economic health.  If you’re not clever enough to make a fortune within the constraints of worrying about society and the environment, you have no businesses being in business.  You’d be better off working wage work that pays a decent wage, not taking on responsibilities that you are not prepared to handle or accept.  Governing is deadly serious business.  The public is not like your mother who will coddle you incessantly in spite of your bullshit.  If you think the public is unforgiving, try having a go with nature and the environment; see how long you last defying that.

I’m just the one who’s watching this.  I’m not alone.  And I am so tired of the bullshit from this place.

Mach schnell America.  Or you’ll be dead where you stand, and rightfully so.

Idiot society, with no history, no culture, no soul, no nothin’.  Just a husk.

A Confession

Folks, I got a pretty messed up mind.  I intuitively understand the fundamentals of guerrilla warfare, as learned from the histories, and I know all the weak points of the upper crust leadership.  I can literally have them swipe at me, until they fall off a cliff and die, even if my own life is hindered.  Even if I’m silenced, who is going to take my place?

I have nothing really to lose and everything to possibly gain.  They have everything to lose, and nothing really to gain.  That makes the “powerful” inherently weaker than the “weak”.  Better to balance out the resources so that we ALL have something invested in the social system and not just a few.

Otherwise, the cost of staying down is going to outweigh the cost of rising up.  Even if the plant of freedom is mowed down, it grows back, just as grass grows after you cut it down.  How is that possible?  Because it’s the seed, the need for dignity, prosperity, and happiness, that’s indelible to the human spirit.  Not the need for excessive wealth and merely relative power.

Y’all wanna play?  Let’s play.

But I guarantee you’ve already lost before the game’s begun.  It’s just a question of “how long” and “how painful” it’s going to be for us all.  The environment is changing.  The societies are not, but, their attitude and sense of the world is.

That’s what you’ve got to look out for if you think you’ve achieved “power” within a society.

You’re really quite insignificant relative to the cosmos and the environment.

Enjoy your crumbs.

A Desired Job Title

A policy engineer is a more accurate description of what I’d like to do than a social engineer. I’m not really interested in making societies. Rather, I’m interested in making policies and programs for societies, much like medical engineers make treatments and regimens for human bodies. The only difference is the scale and scope.

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