The Great Connection

I hypothesize that a first step to understanding how a government is working with its society is to map it out as a network relative to society. The object is to know how a government is directly and indirectly affecting a society in its present condition. From there, you can do research on how the government is affecting the parts of society it is reaching, which parts of society it is not reaching, and how it is not reaching those parts. From there, you can run computer experiments to see whether there is anything a government can do to change its structure, content, and/or behavior relative to a society and environment, thus enabling the search for optimal positions and policies that the government can take. If you can evaluate and track indicators within a society, you can effectively work to discover the society’s “vital” measures, know how those are impacted by government, the environment, or the society’s agents themselves.

It should be noted that economic indicators are lumped into the social indicators automatically and are considered a measure of the society’s vitality, potential, sustainability, and survivability. Economies are networks as well and can be integrated into the larger social network graph as a “layer” that can be added to the overall graph. This can hypothetically be an integrated “overview” layer of the social world, kind of like how we can map out the networks of police, fire protection, healthcare, sewage, electricity, Internet, education, water, food, finance, taxation, goods, and service coverage that exists within and composes a society and it’s economy independent of each other, with other parts, or all together, to get a comprehensive view of the social organism and the governmental organ relative and within the social organism.

In the end, it’s all networks, overlapping, connecting, binding, flexing, and adapting to changing environmental, geological, geographical, political, social, and economic factors. The first step is to map it all out. The next step is to learn how parts affect other parts. The final step is to understand how to make those key decisions and choices within these networks such that you do the least amount of actual harm while doing the most amount of actual good. Reality is the judge; no human has that ability. The policies and actions will either work, not work, or work differently than was anticipated. Once we figure out how to map these networks and interconnected “small world” networks, we can begin to make more informed choices from government with regards to the policies we pursue, the laws and programs we draft to accomplish these policy aims, and how we enact and execute the laws and programs to maximize utility for the SOCIETY, which in turn, maximizes utility for the government and its members.

You want to govern forever?

I know that that is generally feasible, provided you’ve got a good heart, a good brain, a Hell of a sense of self interest, a genuine empathetic sense towards others’ feelings and needs, the ability to admit mistakes and make real changes within yourself and within organizations’ policies and procedures, and to communicate effectively with the lay public, such that you listen for what they need, and they actually comprehend what you’re doing, why you’re doing it to get those needs satisfied.

This is a BASIC model of how to develop and operate a government based on my comprehension of things as of 10/28/2014 CE. It is what will, I think, most likely stand the test of time in principle, if not entirely in practice throughout the changing conditions of humanity, its environment, and the universe as a whole.  It will need to first, be accepted by the individual societies of the world before it can worked into the individual societies and cultures according to their own networked organizations and own processes of operating the network.  This is not a one-size fits all solution by any stretch of the imagination.  It is just a hypothesis for how to begin producing a government that operates in line with natural laws rather than on only the beliefs, sentiments, biases, opinions, and ignorance of individual human beings.  Its aim is to honestly help the public in a self-interested fashion, from the perspective of the policy-maker and for the public that is served by the given government.

Map first.  Study second.  Experiment third.  Execute fourth.  Hold off all changes and experiments in practice until the first three stages are completed first.

May this benefit all living beings, on Earth, and beyond, from now, until the end of time, and beyond.

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American Farewell?

I wonder if I will actually stay in the US.  The country and society is far too chaotic to stand on its own; too chaotic within itself to make itself a viable social structure for the time being.

Too many people are allowed to have an equal voice whose opinions don’t merit equal weight in the conversation.  Too much ignorance given too much leeway within our social and government worlds.  We lack a truly professional and effective government that works for the public as a whole, as opposed for just the business elites and we, as a people, are proving ourselves consistently inept at getting what we need and want from our government and the well-endowed interests who have purchased access to our policy-making world above the public at large.

I see no end in sight and no real point in sticking around trying to save this neurotic society from itself.  It is definitely true that other societies have their own neuroses and problems within themselves.  However I think they are more likely to be willing to accept the medicine that I’ve got to offer, mainly because, their heads aren’t so far up their asses with notions that freedom is something that is inherent in this universe and is something that is valuable relative to one’s own survival, well-being, and freedom to otherwise act within the natural laws and conditions of the universe.  Many other people don’t seem to think that reality is something where everyone’s opinion has an equal weight relative to common reality.  Existence is truly a dictatorship.  You can either accept the natural laws that are discovered, or die trying to go counter to them.  It’s your “choice”.  I for one am not interested in staying around for the fallout that will result from our tendencies to believe things that aren’t real or to lose grounding with what is intuitively and consistently present in front of us.  Unless something changes within the society of the United States, such that we, as a people, are motivated, capable, and willing to effectively remove the dunces from our government and to permanently ignore the rest of them in our society, I see no further point in exhausting my efforts with this American society.  May it, and its people, pull their heads out of their own butts in time to save themselves.  The market will kill itself when allowed to benefit only a few individuals at the expense of our environment.  It is, technically, the government’s role to manage these things effectively in order to prevent them from either running too hot, running too cold, or operating outside the sustainable and safe limits of the environment.  But, Americans don’t seem to want to listen or care to listen about such things.  They’re way too concerned about the latest celebrity gossip or football game, and they are way too wrapped up in the notion that opinions are sacred onto themselves and are worth cherishing, even when proven to be incorrect or not 100% grounded in factual reality.  They balk at the notion that there is a higher order (common reality, not researchers) that reveals what is correct and what is not within common reality.  Having diverse ways of looking at things is a beneficial thing.  However, science ultimately shows the truth hidden amongst the many perspectives.  When it is shown, it is ultimately the humans who have to bend; reality does not.  Americans don’t seem to understand that point, especially in the worlds of policy making and government.  Too much freedom, too much ego, too much chaos.

Therefore, I sincerely hope that I can find a way out of this country if I cannot find a way to help it.  This is a growing pain that I know many in this society will not like.  However, it is an entirely necessary one if we are going to make our way out of the mess that we’re in, prevent it from becoming much much worse, and ultimately, buy us a little more time of hopefully having a good quality of life within our own society relative to others living with us.  The party’s over.  And reality is a cruel cruel mistress when messed with.

Goodnight and joy be with you all.

The Supreme (Natural) Law of the Cosmos

Societies are, indeed, governed by people and not by laws.  People can make or unmake written laws, just as easily as societies can make or unmake people who make laws.

However, we are, in fact, governed by Natural Law, the laws of nature, society, the environment, the universe around us.  We are it and it is us.  We discover it, we do not actually make it.

The faith in written law of our society, the Constitution, has been violated by those who have no respect for written or natural law.  To this end, we fall back on Natural Law, as discovered by the scientific method and revealed to us over time through experimentation, observation, and accident, to correct these mistake people who currently sit in places of high power, consequence, and authority, and yet do not seem to understand how to operate and work for their own actual benefit within the confines of these discovered and unwritten laws.

The Law is indeed supreme.  No one made them though.  They’re just the rules that have existed, as far as we can tell, since beyond the beginning of time and forward to the end of time and beyond.  To change and alter them here is to subject yourself to the consequences of changing those Laws which are apart of nature and the universe that is us.  They simply are, and we are always going to be bound by the consequences of them, no matter how hard we may try to make it be otherwise.  Those who do not get it and work with the world in this basic fashion are likely those who are least capable of governing and effectively managing a world.  They do not see the walls which naturally exist.  They will not understand how to use those Laws for your own sake and benefit within the context of those laws.  They will rebel against those discovered Laws, because their brains are not accurately reading or working with reality that is them.

They are sick people.

And they need to be removed from office permanently, as a personality/brain type, so that they may never again make our society a perverse corner of the universe.  They are like animals who do not get the basic concept of not pissing or pooping in a distinct corner, for the sake of their health and well-being relative to all other lifeforms in this universe.  They seem to feel as though they can (and should be allowed to) go wherever they please, regardless of the consequences that are exacted upon themselves and on others whom they depend on.  There is, I think, no freedom in this universe.  There is only Law, and those who won’t get or accept it.  Even when you “break” free, you are still bound by the discovered Natural Laws.  You can either live with, accept, and maximize your utility based on those Laws.  Or, you can fight them, resist them, and make life for yourself and your friends, family, and companions worse.  It all depends on how your brains work, as to whether you go one way or another.  Those who follow Laws, tend to be more able to pass on their genes and memes in the long term, than those who don’t.  Even if the breakers of Law kill off all Law abiders, they will be more likely to kill themselves off as a result of their negligence, stupidity, and ignorance of themselves and the world that is them.

Obey the Law.

Or suffer the consequences that you yourself bring on.

Enjoy your nights.

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Ideas, Experts and Data

Here are some observations and insights that were shared on social media this past fortnight. I call these Friday’s Finds.

“We don’t see something until we have the right metaphor to let us perceive it.” – Thomas Kuhn – via @tobiasmeyer

“Humans require the difficult and messy social routing protocol of trust.” – Valdis Krebs @orgnet – via @voinonen

“What if sucessful projects having a plan is just survivior bias?” – @drunkcod

Half-baked ideas – by @kmpinner #PKMastery


Way cool network science.

This is a way of modeling and making sense of our world, even if it’s not a perfectly accurate way of constructing our social and environmental worlds.  Now, to put these techniques into practice and study, to see if we can govern and manage our world more effectively with this metaphor.


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The Ghost of Karl Marx

The free market, when it is truly allowed to be 100% free of regulation or tracking (not controlling) leads to its own demise, either through the destruction of the environment or through a revolution within the society. If you start out as having more of an opportunity or some kind of advantage over another, you tend to increase your wealth faster than others. That, in and of itself, is not a problem when taken in moderate doses. However, as time goes on, the wealth for those individuals tends to grow exponentially over time in a non-linear fashion, leading to the extra growth of the pie being consumed by a few individuals while everyone else has less and less and less of a stake within the system. Capitalism becomes an exclusive system, rather than an inclusive one. The governments of the world are replaced by businesses groups and special interests who have wealth at their disposal, which decreasingly reflects the needs and characteristics of the general population. The interests dig in, rather than shift and adapt to the changing and increasingly negative dynamic between themselves and the general public. Conservatism and rigidity in thinking and behaving sets in, especially as the governing members age, and the system becomes increasingly vulnerable to attack and/or rot. External powers may also play a role in the destruction of the current government members, either in the form of other societies or environmental factors.

This is the ghost of Karl Marx haunting the Capitalists long after the fall of the major “Communist” powers. The pigs will consume themselves and their precious system. The more they brutalize and take, the more likely they’ll be removed, and the more likely the rest of society will treat them poorly when they are removed.

There is a cost to deception.  There is a cost to taking and receiving.  The market system works great, when it is moderated in order to protect the environment and the employed classes.  Labor is not the same as a regular commodity; there is no comparative advantage to not having domestic manufacturing and actually producing innovative goods and services that people will want to buy.  We’re going to die for the sake of an idealized system, perpetuated by foolish academics and business leaders who see only cash and not value as an organism.  The time is coming for us to pick a side between those who already have and are going to consume everything, and those who have nothing and have the greatest potential to rebuild and survive, even if the business leaders and politicians are shot (and they will be more likely shot if they continue to ignore and brutalize the public).

It can happen here.  America is not an exception to the natural laws of societies and human behavior, nor are we not subject to the conditions and social/ecological factors that exist outside of our society.  The time is coming for absolution.  This is the end of Capitalism in its present form and the birth of a new system of market economic logic, study, and management.  Otherwise, the species is going to suffer significant losses and the boss pigs will be dead.

What’s it going to be, America?

What’s it going to be world?

Think about it.

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Americans Fumble

I honestly don’t think Americans appreciate the relative seriousness of our present situation.  We have dysfunctional leadership in our government from all sides, which renders our ability as a nation to function in jeopardy.  Our public doesn’t know what to do or how to act as the leadership cadre that it is within the society, therefore rendering all efforts to change and hold our government leadership accountable ineffectual.  We’re suffering from several small cuts with an increasing probability of an x event occurring, along the lines of the 2007-8 Recession or rebellion and destabilization of significant portions of our society.  Nobody seems willing to accept these facts for the sake of ego and/or petty false senses of security, therefore, nothing is going to be done about them until it is too late.

America’s “greatness” is not innate.  It has to be produced through the efforts of the public and government leadership working together for the common goals of survival, health, well-being, and quality of life.  The two cannot work against each other all the time without creating significant damage to all sides.  The combative, confrontational, and anti-social, hyper-competitive American system is going to fail, and I doubt we will actually rebuild with any real lessons learned.  In my view, the main culprit for this is the general public, because they are the ones who can always hold a leadership in check through voting and mass organization.  However, when it comes time to follow through on such actions, the American public bumbles, stumbles, and falls right back to where they started.  The leaderships in government don’t make it any easier for our whole society to do better.  However, if the public were motivated enough, they could rise above and overcome the members of our government.

It’s our fault, America.

Your fault.

And you are not likely to hold yourself or the government to account.  The public does not check the government.  The government takes advantage and goes right into the arms of those who do have money and the ability to regularly participate.  We’ve dropped the ball, America.  What are we going to do about it?

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The Long Death of Conservatism (and Conservatives)

Conservatives tend to select themselves out of positions of power and, when left to their own devices without progressives’ periodic or constant intervention, will likely naturally self-select out of existence as a sub-group of humans.  We all have the same hardware that creates conservatism; it seems to be in the reptilian brain, which is common to us all.  The difference between conservatives and other humans is that they seem to have a much more powerful reptilian brain than the rest of us, thus denying them the ability to work with complex issues with nuance, ambiguity, and subtlety as well as other human beings.  They seem entirely consumed with obsessing over their small self, or their definition of self, rather than the whole or the other or the larger self that extends to all things, living, dead, or inanimate in this universe.  There is no real love in their behavior or actions; no real compassion or care.  Just repetition and a sad attachment to imaginary concepts and incorrect hypotheses about how things are and work together.  There is no more point in listening to them, and the best that society can do to them is to remove them from all places of influence, power, authority, and consequence for the mental health clinics that they so unceremoniously underfunded and destroyed.  It’s time that we institute a more social system than their anti-social, money-grubbing, Capitalisitc barbarism.  It’s time to govern with reason, compromise, discussion, and attachment to truth and common reality.  No more should we be ruled through fear, oppression, force, deception, lies, and ignorance, willful or otherwise.

These are, however, all normative statements.  There is nothing in the world here or anywhere that suggests that things will necessarily be different in the world just because we’ve changed the contents of several influential nodes in our network, least of all, the combined nodes of the general public.  We will still be plagued by these apparently diseased brain types within our society and within other societies.  We will still have to deal with all the consequences of their poor choices and priorities, as well as all new disasters, dangers, threats, problems, and sticky situations that will absolutely arise as time goes on.  At the same time, these minute changes in either the mental or physical content of these critical nodes can make important differences in our world, particularly if they join together to work towards a common cause of health, survival, and the ability to thrive on this planet and others.  It is time that we work to extricate the more monkey-like among us from their places of power, consequence, authority, power, and, at the heart of it, responsibility.

That, or we can keep clinging to them out of fear, and finding that the only thing we have to fear, really, is them, time and time again.

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World’s richest man tries to defend wealth inequality | Al Jazeera America

Bill Gates’ critique of Thomas Piketty is revealing for what it overlooks


Mr. Gates.

From what I understand, you attempt to do some good in this world with your wealth.  However, from what I understand, your Foundation generally subjects its recipients to a Hellish bureaucratic process that may take away from their ability to do any real good.  On top of that, your monopsony may very well have slowed the progress of software development because of your anti-social business practices.

Let me cut to the chase here, for the people who actually will read this: there is no such thing as an honorable person who has gained so much through business through denying so much to so many.  If you seek to live on the charity of the rich, you are going to starve.  Case in point, the top earners are actually giving less to charity than all those below them (see the Chronicle of Philanthropy study on the matter).  There is no excuse for amassing so much wealth and relative power, and then dangling it over the heads of those who need it the most.

We need a social system, as opposed to the anti-social one that people like Mr. Gates uses to make their wealth.  We need to make growth work for everyone, so that work pays off and people are not exploited for their labor and denied opportunities to develop their talents.  Most of the mundane tasks are likely going to be done by machines anyway.  What are we then to do with ourselves when labor is valued at the cost and maintenance of machines, and there are no jobs left?  Will we, as a society, actually consign ourselves to the pseudo-benevolence and will of these “demi-god” wannabes?  I will fight and die to defend myself and my children from such a future.  My price is too high for even Mr. Gates to afford (and I do have a price, because I understand the costs of doing “business” with “people” like Mr. Gates.

Which side of the fence are you going to be on?  Are you going to side with them? Or are you going to side with the rest of us actual human beings?

The choice is up to you all, America.  I wish you nothing but the actual best, although I suspect you’re going to lead yourselves into the actual worst before you get better.

I am prepared to fight and die for the sake of my population and my own life.  What are you going to do, dear reader, when that choice comes before you?

That is all I have to say for now.  Please, do what you will.  I’m indifferent.

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Backwards Logic

The authorities who currently sit in power have the whole idea of power backwards.

It is love, honesty, care, and effective actions that people respond to, not force, or deception, or graft. The governing bodies of our world should have the same ethic, logic, and methodology as medical personnel who actually care about the well being of the public as if it were their own self. It is only through this exchange that people willingly fall into line behind people. It is only through care, benevolence, love, effective, and benevolent action that people reliably remain willing and able to follow you. This is not a guarantee. Governing, or to be a member of the governing bodies, is not a right. It is a privilege that can be revoked, either through force of arms by the public, or by honest democratic sentiment and action.

I’m personally tired of having to reiterate this for the upper crusts of our world who are STILL slow on the uptake. I’m beginning to question their mental capacities and their cognitive/emotional abilities, in light of their actions and choices. If these continue, I would conclude that the only sensible course of action is for the society to remove the people on top by force of arms and, hopefully, commit them to mental health clinics for treatment and diagnosis. This is the most kind thing that I can offer those folks on “top” of our social world. Many would have them be killed (and, quite frankly, I don’t blame people for feeling that way, even though I disagree with the method).

Shots have already been fired in Canada, perhaps for these reasons. This is only going to get worse for everyone involved, including the general public and the upper class elites. The only question is whether people on top will correctly get the message and interpret it correctly.

This is the ending stages of one age, and the certain beginning of a new one. How new it’s going to be depends on what we do in the present. That’s all we have, and all we’re going to have.

What’s it going to be?

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Gentoo Linux – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


My younger brother informed me about this operating system.  While I have never used it, it nevertheless struck me how similar it was in principle to how societies and, perhaps, even whole ecosystems and universes organize themselves.  Even if this is not a 100% accurate model for societies and social organizations, it nevertheless seems to be an interesting method of modeling and explaining how they are, grow, develop, evolve, and function, both through the bottom-up workings of its code and its top-down programmatic functions.  It is a potential way of describing and working with the complexity of social systems as interdependent, interconnected, and somewhat modular within the context of an ecological and cosmological system.  This is not some hippy-dippy notion of the universe, but one that could potentially be used as a tool for scientific and evidenced-based management of ourselves, individually and collectively, within the context of our environment and our universe.

Very interesting.

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