Introduction to Complex Systems: Patterns in Nature – YouTube

This video provides a basic introduction to the science of complex systems, focusing on patterns in nature. (For more information on agent-based modeling, vi…



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5 U.S. Banks Each Have More Than 40 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives | Zero Hedge

When is the U.S. banking system going to crash? We can sum it up in three words. Watch the derivatives. It used to be only four, but now there are five “too big to fail” banks in the United States that each have more than 40 trillion dollars in exposure to derivatives.

The “too big to fail” banks run up enormous profits from their derivatives trading.  According to the New York Times, U.S. banks “have nearly $280 trillion of derivatives on their books” even though the financial crisis of 2008 demonstrated how dangerous they could be…

American banks have nearly $280 trillion of derivatives on their books, and they earn some of their biggest profits from trading in them. But the 2008 crisis revealed how flaws in the market had allowed for dangerous buildups of risk at large Wall Street firms and worsened the run on the banking system.


Living was fun while it lasted.  I suppose now it’s going to come down to fighting and dying.


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BIG DATA SOCIETY: Age of Reputation or Age of Discrimination?

If we want Big Data to create societal progress, more transparency and participatory opportunities are needed to avoid discrimination and ensure that they are used in a scientifically sound, trustable, and socially beneficial way.

Have you ever “enjoyed” an extra screening at the airport because you happened to sit next to someone from a foreign country? Have you been surprised by a phone call offering a special service or product, because you visited a certain webpage? Or do you feel your browser reads your mind? Then, welcome to the world of Big Data, which mines the tons of digital traces of our daily activities such as web searches, credit card transactions, GPS mobility data, phone calls, text messages, facebook profiles, cloud storage, and more. But are you sure you are getting the best possible product, service, insurance or credit contract? I am not.

BIG DATA SOCIETY: Age of Reputation or Age of Discrimination?

By Dirk Helbing


Personally, I think it’s more likely to increase peoples’ abilities to make prejudicial choices about other people in addition to the actual technical advantages that this will bring about.  Thus, the universe doesn’t so much as change for the better, but rather muddle on under the same basic principles.  We are only humans, after all.  Our descendants are not going to fall far from the tree and, unless something dramatic happens to our population and to the way that our people think and feel about themselves and our world (an x-event), there will likely only be questionable or low probability change as we settle into a kind of equilibrium, for better and for worse, that we may choose to die in, rather than evolve and make a change.

Thus, we’re more than likely going to take a significant hit as a species, in spite of our abilities to avoid the problems in the first place.

Silly brains….

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War: Origins and Effects

The International System is a self-organized system and shows emergent behavior. During the timeframe (1495 – 1945), a finite-time singularity and four accompanying accelerating log-periodic cycles shaped the dynamics of the International System. The accelerated growth of the connectivity of the regulatory network of the International System, in combination with its anarchistic structure, produce and shape the war dynamics of the system. Accelerated growth of the connectivity of the International system is fed by population growth and the need for social systems to fulfill basic requirements. The finite-time singularity and accompanying log-periodic oscillations were instrumental in the periodic reorganization of the regulatory network of the International System, and contributed to a long-term process of social expansion and integration in Europa. The singularity dynamic produced a series of organizational innovations. At the critical time of the singularity (1939) the connectivity of the system reached a critical threshold, resulting in a critical transition. This critical transition caused a fundamental reorganization of the International System: Europe transformed from an anarchistic system to cooperative security community. This critical transition also marks the actual globalization of the International System. During the life span of cycles, the war dynamics show chaotic characteristics. Various early-warning signals can be identified, and can probably be used in the current International System. These findings have implications for the social sciences and historical research.

War: Origins and Effects
Ingo Piepers


Thus we delve closer into the hidden language of our social world.

Way cool science!

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Education….A Redefinition

Education: Helping our children develop better so that they can be relatively happy individuals early on, while helping them identify career goals, inclinations, and abilities separate from what their parents may want or think later on.

I think it’s time that we do a much better job with our children than just “test” them and their teachers.  Whatever happened to raising them to be adults who can manage, adjust to, and accept the world around them, and then think creatively about how to work with it in ways that work?  Whatever happened to instilling in them the value of learning as opposed to rote memorization? How is it that we get politics and personal preferences ahead of what matters most: our childrens’ well being, mental and physical health, and quality of life?

Just a couple of thoughts.


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How to Install New Leadership

Note: It is impossible to install a leadership cadre in a manner that is not appropriate, acceptable, and according to the cultural logic of the society in question. Furthermore, only people who are actually well grounded in reality, desiring to discover and know the truths of this universe, good, bad, and indifferent, and who have a genuine understanding as to how their well being ties in with other peoples’ well being are going to be capable of being leaders within a society for any significant period of time. Only those who meet both these personal and methodological qualifications will be practical leaders and will actually be able to carry out these actions effectively and legitimacy. This is, again, dependent upon the cultural context, the economic, social, technological, and environmental conditions of the universe at any given time or place.  With all of these personal and conditional parameters in mind, we can begin to think about how to systematically change core leadership and core culture within a leadership cadre (not necessarily in the entirety of the society beyond the leadership cadre).

It starts by changing the top of the organization or the society.  This is not to say that one person can change the whole, rather, a dedicated team of qualified people who replace all of the top leadership cadre members who are not qualified to be leaders in a given society.  From there, the new cadre can alienate and isolate the old leadership cadre from society or organization, starting from the top, and working their way down to effect the lower realms of the organization.  Rules, norms, values, and culture gets changed according to the will of the new leadership cadre within the parameters of legitimacy and condition of the old system below.  Failure to regard the environment, social or otherwise, is a death sentence for the would be new leadership cadre.  From there, the old leadership cadre can be driven out and tracked for actions and behaviors for several years or decades, depending upon their personal temperament and connectivity to other people who were pushed out of office.  Those networks need to be known, followed, and tracked.  Any breath of sedition or malevolence against the publics’ demanded new order can be evaluated and brought to light depending upon the severity.  The offenders can then be brought out into the public’s eye, tried legitimately and fairly in a court of law, and sentenced appropriately according to the processes, sentiments, and culture that is present.  From there, they can be put in jail or confined to a mental institution separated from their network associates and connections.

This would be to correct for the grave error that Franklin Roosevelt made when he did not follow up, track, and prosecute the heads of big business and banking for their plot to overthrow the elected government of the United States, also known as the Business Plot of 1933 (  The most recent example of this being put into practice successfully was, ironically, under Nazi Germany during the Night of the Long Knives (  The differences here, are that there are no knives being used, no malevolence towards the opposition, no murders, public or private, and no cynical manipulation of the public’s will.  I hypothesize that this is the best basic methodology for both installing and cementing a new leadership cadre within a given society.  You start by changing the attitudes, beliefs, perspectives and, sometimes, personnel on top.  You then have them use their authority to remove people who aren’t willing or able to play ball with the new system down below in the organizational networks’ hierarchies.

Imagine a computer where you change programs from one (let’s call it an Anti-Social System) to another (let’s call it a Social System).  The user clicks on the new program, which then starts to run a series of processes within the computer to call into being the new program.  The only difference is the preference or content of the leadership cadre in question who’s clicking the program to make it be one way or another.  Bottom-up change is ultimately what changes the leadership cadre because there is a partial-percolation from society to the top ranks and important decision makers of society.  If it’s not personnel, it’s ideas and sentiments that get carried up the chain to influence the affect, logic, and perspective of the people in top offices.  Thus you have the top responding to pressure from the bottom.  However, it is only when you have appropriate and effective changes in the top somehow, that you get real change down below and throughout the whole of the system.  Otherwise, you have the people on the top selecting incorrectly relative to the needs and conditions of the social and ecological environments, which then hastens their removal from those positions or leads to the collapse of the whole social and environmental system with the leadership cadre going with them both.  Either way, the leadership pays for their stubbornness, unwillingness to accept truth and facts, and greed, while the rest of society will either stumble on or collapse entirely into species-wide extinction.  Either way, the leadership cadre in question loses, while the society can either win, lose, or “break-even”.  Such a set of outcomes is obviously not what the leadership cadre is looking for if they are behaving in a way that is not destructive to themselves and destructive to others.  Therefore, I propose that we either arrest the leadership cadre of the world powers, private and public, and commit them to a mental facility and initiate the new changes in leadership post haste, accept their voluntary resignations from office, or have them accept that their current sets of attitudes, beliefs, logics, perspectives, and whole way of feeling and thinking about the human world as being incorrect and then making appropriate changes from there to correct those misconceptions and patches of ignorance.

Change is never an easy thing and it’s never good to feel as though your whole world has collapsed from under you.  I get that entirely.  However, we’re talking literal survival here, not only of the collective, but of the individual members of the present elite as well.  If you want to have a different outcome than death, destruction, mayhem, and damaging loss, you have to accept metaphysical death, destruction, mayhem, and loss.  It is only through making a sacrifice of attitude, belief, priority, perspective, and action that the rich and the present politicians of our era are going to survive, let alone, be able to survive and keep their jobs and places.  All I am looking for is this change in attitude, belief, perspective, logic, sentiment, and action.  The rest will follow suit if they fail to give up these small things that I know are near and dear to their hearts, sentiments, and wallets.

The choices are up to them.  But I doubt they’ll make the right ones in time.


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The Cliff

As the leadership becomes more focused on its immediate, small sense “self”, their position naturally becomes less tenable as a leadership cadre.  There are many natural shocks that can happen to our social systems from both our environmental and cosmological worlds external to us and from within our own social world.  Humans are not likely to preserve that which is causing them immediate harm, although it is debatable whether humans in their present form are actually capable of sensing what their benefits and costs really are accurately to determine a positive and genuinely effective course of action.  It is also debatable whether humans in general are willing and able to follow through on those courses of action for their own survival, even if they’re able to sense it.  Those who do realize what’s going wrong are labeled as “mentally ill” for having understandable reactions to what’s going persistently wrong, while those who don’t have a clue or a care to have a clue about what’s going on are allowed to make the choices in our world in spite of the obvious and predictable costs that will be incurred as a result of their choices without receiving any of the benefits that they intended to have from their actions.

The whole of the human species is screwed in its present form.  It’s completely, totally, 100% screwed, thanks to the collective, individual, conscious, and sub-conscious choices and perspectives that the members of this species, on high and down below, have done.  We’ve got nothing left to look forward to in the immediate sense but death, thanks to our actions and choices, with a chance of survival from the environmental collapse that is going to be upon us and the social fallout that happens as a result of that happening.  The rich people of the planet have clevered themselves off a cliff for money (not terribly clever), while everyone else were too much like cows to do anything or be able to do anything about it.  Thus ends us, as far as I can tell.

Oh well.

Almost One in Four Americans Support Idea of Splitting From the Union

After Scotland, all eyes are turning to Catalonia, where voters will hold a non-binding vote on independence from Spain on Nov. 9. But maybe Americans need to focus closer to home. We already knew—courtesy of Slate’s David Weigel—that breakaway movements in the United States were feeling inspired by the Scotland…


Looks like we could be coming to the end of another union.

I’d be ok with it, honestly.

Conservatives take one territory, progressives take the other.

If progressives play our cards right, we could end up on top of this whole situation.  It’ll take sense, evidence-based (not ideological) governing, a Hell of a good strategic edge, and the willingness to admit to mistakes in order to correct for them.

We’re about empathy, honesty, openness, tolerance, acceptance, and facts.

Let us compete with greed, deception, lies, xenophobia, racism, classism, sexism, and all other non-American and anti-social traits.

If we lose, then it proves that this universe is not a good one to be in anyway, because there’s then a serious defect in how rewards and punishments are dealt out.  Nature is indifferent to morals, and justice is blind.  Let’s find out if karma exists in states beyond simple “action”.  Is the universe indeed a moral and ethical place?  If not, than it’s really not worth saving, and we’d all likely be better off abandoning this existence to its inevitable doom and death.

That, or we can stay together as one country, let everyone ditch the conservative brain-state, and we can continue on from there with evidence, facts, and an ethically grounded and social society.

I’m willing to cede the whole baby to the conservatives.  Take the universe, take the country, take the world.  I don’t think it’ll do them any good in the long term or short term. That decision, though, is out of my hands.

It’s in yours’ America.

Wake up.

Or die.

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Homni: The new superorganism taking over Earth

A new ‘species’ has emerged only in recent decades, says Gaia Vince, yet it is already having a huge effect on life on our planet. What is it?


It will either live or die.  I am indifferent, either way.

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The world as it is: The influence of religion

“Seldom has it been more important for Americans to form a realistic assessment of the world scene. But our current governing, college-­educated class suffers one glaring blind spot.

Modern American culture produces highly individualistic career and identity paths for upper- and middle-class males and females. Power couples abound, often sporting different last names. But deeply held religious identities and military loyalties are less common. Few educated Americans have any direct experience with large groups of men gathered in intense prayer or battle. Like other citizens of the globalized corporate/consumer culture, educated Americans are often widely traveled but not deeply rooted in obligation to a particular physical place, a faith or a kinship.”


Other peoples, with different histories, cultures, etc, are not going to be like us.



Might as well learn to accept that (and learn it in general) so that we do not invoke negative sentiments to develop.

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