Society Unhinged and What That Means for Us


All societies organize themselves in a finite number of ways, depending upon the culture, sensibility and present condition of their society.    What is functional in one will not be functional in another.  The United States, by default, yields an oligarchy that has a contentious relationship with its society, even when the whole thing is acting as the most responsive and seemingly democratic fashion.  Russia and China have a top-down autocracy that governs over their people.  The French do top down authority as well, under the guise of responsiveness and care for their people, while the English have a conservative, bottom up way of going about things.  The Germans, likewise, seem to do things communally (even across all Germanic societies in Europe), while Latin America continues the tradition of elite dominance over the people, in contention with more egalitarian social logics from the substantial native populations.  Arabian societies seem to organize as an autocracy as well, with sporadic contention with the society itself, while Iranians seem to have a more responsive and open culture towards toward people’s needs and wishes (in spite of present restrictions from the more conservative branches of society).  Hunter-gatherers in smaller bands form egalitarian collectives where their members work together autonomously of all higher powers, other than the environment and spiritual and religious beliefs and cultural/social sensibilities (which change and fluctuate somewhat, depending upon the content and condition of the given society at any given time).

All are bound by the condition of the environment, the psychological and physical content of their societies, and the conditions within their given societies and amongst societies.  There is no one who can actually have all power, even though there are many diseased brains among the “elite” classes of our society who seem to really believe that they actually have liberty, freedom and the ability to do anything they’d like whenever they’d like on this plane of existence.  All are bound by circumstance, consequence and biology, which essentially means, being bound by physics and the natural laws of the universe.  There are no two ways about it, really, try as we might to invest and cling to the notion that we can have any freedom on this plane of existence.

It would be an interesting study to examine all societies and see the various patterns of how they organize amongst themselves when an old order has been “beaten” out of power by a new order (which will likely show precisely what kind of order grows naturally in any given society).  It is when the society loses its order that you’re truly able to see what kind of order replaces it and get clues as to what kind of civilization and people they are.  Such would be an expansive study of history, economy, sociology, politics, governance, international relations, organizations, leadership, management, psychology, neurology and complexity, and such would be an invaluable tool at helping to understand who a people are and what kind of order is likely to always be present within them.

Think about it.

Government: Society’s Doctor (And What That Means)


A good doctor knows what is going on, what to do when what is going on and what not to do when whatever is going on.

A society is always going to have problems within itself and amongst each other.  It is the government’s role, in my view, to act as the physician for the sake of the entire species and all of life living on or off this planet, neither to impede nor neglect the society that its members are dependent upon as well.

Normally, the body is able to handle itself.  However, there are actually a very small, but necessary amount of potential vitamin, exercise and dietary regimens that government can put into practice in order to improve the material and psychological quality of life for human beings living in a society.  Government is only one aspect of social functions and it must work in harmony with all of the other parts in order to produce a consistent, solid effect on a given society.  The other aspects, everything ranging from businesses to not for profits, to other community groups, to the media, to individual groups, are apart of the concert which makes the whole of society, inclusive of those aspects of society.  But government is the aspect of society that everyone looks to when things are going well and when things are going wrong.  Coordination and obedience to the lower level laws and conditions that are present is the name of its game; there is no need for inappropriate or excessive centralization of control in a society.

This is in order to produce the best possible quality of life for citizens living in a given society and amongst societies.  The government physician needs to benefit all people living on the planet and all living beings in this universe in order to be of benefit for its own self and its own members.  Its members must know what is happening, what is not happening, what works, what doesn’t work and when to act and when not to act.  That is how a government keeps itself and earns its keep within the society.  Not by taking as much relative power as its members can get their hands on in spite of the responsibility that society places upon it and its members.

It’s not like they could have any control that the society wouldn’t give them anyway.  Even if they did get that kind of control, they’d still have to obey the natural laws of cause and effect and the conditions that are present.  There would be no change in the actual condition of the government and its members, even if the perception of the government and its members changed.

Think about it.

The Freedom Joke

There is no free will; only the illusion of choice.  Your perceived ability to choose is simply a biological part of your brain that can be manipulated and has variable abilities of function, depending upon the individual and the condition in which you’re in.  That’s just talking about your individual biological needs to act; it says nothing about the consequences of your actions or of the circumstances in which you’re in.

Yet humanity is still likely to continuously pursue that which does not exist on this plane of existence as far as we’re concerned and will likely be offended by or negligent of my words.  We’re all traveling along a track in the space time continuum, neither really choosing or having that much influence over what happens to us.  You’ll just follow what you were able and willing to do based on your perceived circumstance and condition (not the same as your actual condition and circumstance).  Thus you are really deprived of the freedom you’re always seeking on this plane of existence.

Does one really have a choice over their actions if their circumstances are x, their perceptions are y, their synthesis is z and the outcomes of their actions continuously feedback towards them?  Where’s the “liberty” in that?  Where’s the “freedom”?

Think about it.

A Role for Government in the Economy


Inequality of outcomes result in inequalities of opportunities.  The rich tend to get richer and impose themselves and their small “self” interests over the needs and interests of the general population (which are also part of their interests by default, even if they aren’t aware of or don’t acknowledge them being so).  The road to serfdom happens when a few people are able to domineer over the needs and interests of the general public.  This happens either due to a private or public elite.  The main difference between the two, is that the public elite are more easily accountable to the people than the private elite, even though all elites are bound to the fate of the society as a whole in which they live.  No matter how tightly repressed a people may be, they have historiclly tended to find ways around the control of the elites.  Power is checked always, on a technical level; always distributed in a society, even if one section is making choices while the other is following them.  For that matter, it is the society that has more influence over the government, due to its relative size and longevity, relative to the government and its members.  Therefore, it is only an illusion that government, its members, or the private elite members have any control or influence over society, except for what the society and its members are willing to give.

Therefore, I ask that society enable the government to deal with the issue of wealth inequality, such that we get back to functioning as a whole market economy.  This is not the same as enacting cumbersome and frivolous regulations, but a necessary step to preserve our democracy and our ability to function as a whole society.  Without the necessary kick down to the rest of society from the coffers of the companies and their executives, there is no point in growing the pie bigger, if that growth is simply shipped off into the maw of the insatiable elites who own the means of production.  Wealth needs to be shifted down, such that everyone who produced the wealth is able to receive their appropriate share.  The incentive to grow and innovate should and can still be there.  However, that incentive to grow should not be exclusively held by the “owners” of production, but shared out with reason to all who produce wealth in society and the economy.  A rising tide raises all boats only if the dams that the elite build to take more than their share are torn down.  That is something that the government needs to do in order to preserve the market economy, and the society and environment from which the economy grows, and it is, in my view, worth people with guns barging into someone’s house in order to execute for the sake of saving those who are acting as dangers to themselves and dangers to others due to greed.

Think about it.

Religion and Politics


Religion is an ultimate binder and divider of humanity.  All religions tie back in to the same basic concepts and the same fundamental principles, yet they divide us arguably more than ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality and all other superficial divisions of identity and sense of self within the human society.  Even the secularists who have adopted the religion of secularism and comfort with skepticism, rather than faith.  It is the primary motivator for war and hatred between two people and two groups of people, in practice, unless the common principles are emphasized amongst all.  Religion plays a significant role in the foundation of society, politics and economics within a given society, arguably working on the psychological and neurological level within the brain.  We will never be free from it, because our biology will deny us the ability to be rid of it.  The revolution against the Deity has started, and has been concluded with the resurrection of a new Deity in its stead.

By religion I am not talking about God, the “Supreme Being” or any other deity from any religion in particular.  I am talking about that which draws us together as one and inevitably divides us again into many different conflicting groups on the emotional and psychological level.  In other words, it is the psychological, sociological and cultural phenomenon that I am talking about, not about that which the psychological, sociological and cultural phenomenon draws people to.  To control it is to have ultimate power in the society of humanity (note, this is not the same as having it in the universal sense); to deny its presence within you, even as a secularist or an atheist, is to deny a large part of your psychological and neurological needs and defacto behaviors.  To reject it or be ignorant of it in politics is suicide, domestically and internationally.  To be callous towards it is to alienate yourself socially from everyone; to embrace it is to embrace humanity for what we are and are going to be.

Therefore, I say onto the progressives and Liberals: it is time to find your principles again and drive the forces of darkness back into the void, once again.  They have polluted us, polluted our so called “opponents” (who are really just disconnected people from reality, regardless of party affiliation or preference), polluted our environment and are going to lead to the death of us all, if we do not do anything significant and substantial to help ourselves, let alone, each and all of us on this planet.

Think about it.

Because your life is bound up in this mess, as we all are.

And it’s just a question of whether your brain and sense organs are able to sense and perceive it as such.

Not your choice.

Think about it.

American Government in Society

Government is needed to prevent abuses towards the environment and negligence and abuse of society by private or public elites.  It is a manifestation of society; it’s members drawn from the population with which they are by default, obligated to work for and with.  It is naturally kept in check by the members of society external t the members of the government and by internal members of the government.  It is a tool and a coordinating member of efforts to solve problems in a given society.  This mainly involves localized control of the given situation, coordinated and overseen on the national level, rather than top-down, standardization from the Federal level.

Laissez-faire simply allows everything to go to the cheapest, lowest value level, in short term dollar senses of it.  It only helps the society in given situations.  It is not a good general basis for a social system.  Governments, especially in American society, need to accept and respect their societies’ abilities to collectively respond to and solve problems within itself that are separate from the government’s needs and wishes (in the grand scheme of ensuring its survival within the society).  However, a society whose government is merely involved in preventing force or fraud isn’t likely to have the most robust social functions that it possibly could have if it took on a more conscientious and proactive role with the society.  Let’s hope that we can figure out ways to model and test these two competing economic, social, environmental and political models virtually, such that we don’t have to experiment with them in our real world.

Think about it.

Observations of Social Inclusion, Exclusion and Care

When there is a lack of inclusion within a given society or care for all members of the larger human society, either in the realm of politics or economy or society, things tend to get out of hand and out of hand fast.

We can see throughout history and across cultures the corpses (literally) of those who died either to gain greater access to our political, economic and social realms as well as those trying to suppress them.  Revolutions all over the world, West Virginia Mine Wars, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam protests.  All of them stemming from the hallmarks of negative government and poor choices made by the human governments of the world.

While letting new faces and perspectives in will have new and unpredictable effects in our social world, inclusion in general principle is a more stable system of social function and logic.  Excessive exclusion yields unrest, bitterness and fighting. Excessive inclusion, I hypothesize, leads to trivialization, lack of focus and clarity from the society.

Therefore, those who occupy the top places in our society have to govern as if they are governing for the whole while it is also not good for everyone to occupy those “top” spots in a given society.  We need the logic and principles of leadership to alter without having the actual leadership itself be torn asunder in the growing mass of unhappiness, anger and frustration.  To that end, conservative voices need to suppress themselves, such that the actual changes can go through while progressive voices need to communicate and act significantly better than they have in the past.

We can’t afford the incoherence of the mob.  But we are not going to stand the tyranny and carelessness of the rich or the powerful.  All living beings are bound by the same natural laws of consequence, circumstance and biology.  No one can and ever will escape these holds on humans and on humanity as a whole.  It doesn’t matter who or what you think you are as an individual or as part of a collective whole that is our world.

Therefore, a middle ground has to be realized in our society, where there is a clear government with members who clearly and genuinely understand their actual roles in a given society.  It is not in the governments’ members interests to suppress the rest of humanity or to inappropriately interact with it anymore than it is in the interests of the rich, powerful.  All are bound according to the laws of nature.  Those who don’t think so and do not behave as such never had a mother who actually laid down the law of the house for them.  That’s all I can presently say about the potential developmental path that these individuals have taken.  And soon, they will understand that nature and society is not like their mother who never held a punishment in place.  Nature is much more demanding than they can possibly realize.

And it’s because of that, that we’re all going to fail in this epoch of humanity, the world and the universe.

Think about it.


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