My Problem With Conservatives and Politcal Extremists

The problem with conservatives. and conservatism in general, is that reality, for the sake of human well being and quality of life, has a liberal bent to it.

If you want to realize a better and happier existence on this plane of existence, you’ve got to follow a Progressive or Liberal policy set, moderated and honed by a comprehensive knowledge of the world, it’s condition and the human condition living in the world. Progressivism and Liberalism needs to (and tends to) first acknowledge the reality that’s present, and then act accordingly with methods and tools that actually work to solve the problems that we end up with, and will end up facing in our world.

Conservatism, and the Right, starts with an ideal vision for the world and how it is, and then, tries to make the world be like that ideal vision.

They/it doesn’t pay attention to reality as it plays out/has played out over the years, centuries, millenia and epoch, nor to the effects that

An inappropriate symbol for conservatism. Remember kids, conservatives opposed the Declaration of Independence, back in 1776. They would have rather stayed with the Crown than be independent and free.
All thanks to a brain type that craves consistency and lack of change, and fears anything that deviates from it.

they have on the actual world in which they’re living, and then, doesn’t seem to care or wonder how it is that they haven’t achieved their unattainable goals or the extent of the damage that they do onto the people, the environment and themselves through their chosen actions, perceptions and behaviors.

They do not live, nor will they ever live on this plane of existence.

And, it’s time that we commit these people to mental health diagnosis and treatment, such that they do not cause harm onto themselves or to the people around them, when they get stuck in their fantasy worlds of how things were/are/can be.

I’m tired of the argument.

And I want it to end, for now and forevermore.

Until the ends of time and beyond.

Think about it.


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