A Conservative’s Track Record

A Conservative's Track Record

What have conservatives offered us in the past, just by excluding it to American history?

Witch trials.

Continued dependence on Great Britain.


Unsafe working conditions.

Unlivable wages for work completed.

Exploitation of the domestic society.

Exploitation of the international society.

Anti-social politicking at home.

Anti-social politicking abroad.




A general disregard for others.

A general disregard for the environment in which they also live.

Denial of rights and privileges to those unlike themselves.



And fantastically incorrect visions of how reality works and what is in reality.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: the conservatives.

Despite their professions of religiousity and piety.

Who’s really the Satanic and demonic crew on this plane of existence?

In spite of whatever they may profess.

And in spite of what the Liberals and Progressives may say to the contrary.

Think about it.


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