Ground Breaking

Ground Breaking


A new view of our country, and new possibilities for governing.

If we can expand this and get this into sharper and more accurate detail (if this is actually accurate in the first place), we could use this as the key tool for tailoring political messaging and assessing the psychological needs of the people (in addition to assessing the physical needs such as physical, economic and environmental needs).

According to the empirical research concerning Maslow’s work of the hierarchy of needs (that I am presently aware of), humans tend to prioritize the psychological needs on either an equal or stronger basis than the physical needs in many cases. If you can appeal to their psychological needs (based on what’s empirically there and expressed to you, as a governing official at any level), and satisfy their physical needs at the same time, you probably can have a powerfully successful combination that will, I think, most likely propel you into positions of high official and informal power for sustainably long periods of time (provided that you do a good job solving all of the problems that arise along the way, while not making any mistakes on your own).

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the keys to the kingdom.

Use them well.

It’s the only way that they work, actually, in spite of some people’s inclinations towards brutality, small-minded/hearted interests and other such petty “selfish” nonsense.

Think about it.


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