Portrait of an Empire, Going Down the Tubes

Portrait of an Empire, Going Down the Tubes

The US is losing a lot of friends here, thanks to their, shall we say, ineffective and wholesale methods of gathering information.
Honestly, if I were in the shoes of a leader or adviser to the American government, I would suggest secretly discussing sharing more of our information with the European leaders, such that we’re all working more or less on the same page.

I get that governments may need to keep some things private from the general public.

But, why should we be keeping secrets from what are, ostensibly, our closest allies?

Better yet, why should we mistrust them so much that we go after their personal cell phones?

My concern, is that Obama will not admit to making a mistake on this area on any kind of level, either overtly or in the subtext. Without this at least personal acknowledgement on his part that mistakes were/are being made with regards to how the US conducts its spy operations and intelligence gathering, he will not make any of the intelligent actions to back track on what’s been done, such that we can mitigate these issues from the stand point of our own actual interests (in the fullest picture of our interests).

And, it’s only his brain type that will prevent him from making this simple acknowledgement within himself. No need for public comments.

No need for private statements.

Just a simple back-tracking/changing of policy and action.

And I don’t even know if he’s even capable of that.

Silly brain.

Think about it.


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