The US (and Other Societies)

The US (and Other Societies)

American society is a large and complicated mass of people; highly diverse, and prone to relatively rapid evolution. It’s going to need a large, complex, intelligent, effective, responsive and sensitive government who’s members intuitively know when to step in, when to step out and when to stay entirely well away.

A government’s size and function range adjusts depending on the size of its jurisdiction and social/economic/environmental content. The principles that it has to adjust, adapt, be sensitive to, understanding of, and cognizant of the ever changing conditions in our world, remains the same throughout humanity, at the very least; throughout the whole of the sentient universe at the very most.

One cannot expect things to always stay the same.

That’s just not the way of this place.

And, those who cannot, will not and actively try to resist the inevitable changes that happen, ought to stay well away from what is a dynamic dance with the rest of the universe, where wrong steps lead to death from time to time.

Welcome to the world of governing.


And, I hope to one day be fantastic at it, for everybody’s sake, including my own, as the dancer with the universe that I am.

It is me.

I am it.

And there is no distinction between a bad day for me and a bad day for it.

That’s where I stand, as a potential governor of this place.

How about you?

Think about it.


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