The Way It’s Done:

The Way It’s Done:

The only way to run an election, from the perspective of maintaining of the grander system that the politicians depend on, and from the perspective of maintaining the legitimacy of whoever’s the dominant political faction.

It takes a mixture of governing and politicking in order to produce a successful, sustainable, legitimate and authoritative regime that can recover when and if they make mistakes.  Authority and legitimacy are earned, and are not inherent parts of being in a position of “power” and “authority” in and of itself.  When and if you make mistakes as the governing faction, it is then up to you and yours to actually fix the mistakes in line with what’s required of you by society

That’s what I think many humans fail to recognize, accept and work with, thanks to a misfiring in their brains that prevents them from perceiving these truths of the world.

And, that’s one of the ways we get so many problems in our world.

Not by nature.

Not by the universe.

But by ourselves.

And only ourselves.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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