Water Water Nowhere (and Not a Drop to Drink)

Water Water Nowhere (and Not a Drop to Drink)

A glimpse of our future? Possibly, if nothing changes in our political, economic and financial worlds. Think about it.

And, this is where people will start killing to get what they need.

Nestle’s CEO seems to think that people will just fall into line, with those who can afford to pay for what he considers “their” water getting it, and those who can’t, dying off.

Perhaps this specific line: the food and water line, will be the one that will act as the final straw against the rich, the politicians who supported them direclty in ideology or tacitly through their actions and all others who will try to stop the hordes of humanity from breaching into their little world of Richman’s “Paradise”.

I hope it doesn’t reach this event horizon.

Quite frankly, this can all be prevented and stopped before it reaches this point, even if it means that water shortages remain anyway.

It’s ultimately going to take a different attitude towards governing.

A different comprehension of our self interests and our actual priorities on the fullest of full levels.

And, it’s going to take a whole new perspective on the world, social and environmental, in which we live and are, actually apart of.

All thanks to a change in the brain.

And nowhere else.


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