Advice for Occupying Forces

Advice for Occupying Forces:

The only way to end the conflict, is to 100% prevent all looting, rape and killing among the occupied social groups AND to punish all violators of those rules on the side of the official Congolese Army.

Then, you need to invest in the economy of the Kivu provinces, in order to put people to work in rebuilding their society/economy by investing in infrastructure, and making small loans to businesses.

Above all, use socially legitimate means of punishing those who transgress the common laws and dominant social sensibilities of that particular society. This way, you avoid the appearance of being an occupier in the strictest of senses, and puts the new society on a more positive course towards health, happiness and satisfaction.

It takes a lot of knowledge about the other; lots of understanding FIRST.

Then, it takes benevolence, kindness, respect and compassion to oversee their reconstruction, post conflict.

Then, you must let them arrange the society however they like, because they are the ones who are living with the consequences of the society in which they’re living.

However, you can only capitalize the most on their praises, kudos and all other benefits that you can receive through positive governance, if they accept you as their legitimate governing group.

Furthermore, just because they say “yes” once, doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook from continuing to govern/letting them govern themselves well, for their sake, as well as for yours. The citizen/subject end of the deal can always be revoked, even if the governing end still wants to continue. Failure to recognize and appreciate this, can lead to political or literal death.

Such are the laws of the universe when it comes to the actions and behaviors of successful occupying forces.  And, it only works when the subject is willing and able to submit to your new authority in the first place.

Think about it.


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