The Real Power of Compassion and Benevolence in Governing Practices

Benevolence and compassion was what arguably saved the bacon of the well to do and the elites of the early 1930’s. Roosevelt lacked the technology, the know how and the mindset needed to carry out a scientifically based, empirically driven government program to restart the economy that wouldn’t have involved World War II. In addition, he was never went after the bankers and the corporate elite of the time, whose influence in society he would have needed to be stamped out when the opportune moment arose. He chose not to jail the participants of the Business Plot of 1934, and he chose not to demonize the demons who can only think in terms of material wealth and relative power in society; negligent of their more human physical and psychological needs.

Sadly, his successors never were able to break the financial and industrial war machines, which led to the rapid expansion of military influence in our society throughout the 20th century, up until our arch rival, unfortunately, fell to pieces. They needed a new punching bag to justify their war machine production and financial gambling. And so, they turned to Islam and a “War on Terror” to provide the perceived enmity that is needed to fuel Congressional and Presidential war production.

Sadly, their bacon is once again getting too hot for the fire.

And they’re actively avoiding the rise of a new Roosevelt to save their bacon once again.

All for some marginal amounts of cloth rag that they cannot spend, and for some sense of relative power and dominance that is not organic to their actual characters.

Such silly nonsense.

Think about it.


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