Rip-Off Reality

Rip-Off Reality

Seriously, Senator?

You’re going to rip off of the Gattaca plot, to make some disconnected vision of an unlikely future where Liberals (who have always championed more or less equality in society) limit people’s abilities to grow and realize their dreams and potential?

You’re going on the premise that everybody wants to have these high responsibility jobs that require lots of years of formal education, lots of physical fitness and high levels of dedication. News flash Senator, that’s not how most people in society are. From my explorations of people, I honestly think that most people just want to be happy, which is going to be different for each individual and manifest in ways that you may not be thrilled with.

Some people, actually like the cashier job.

But, according to your lazy-faire vision of governance over the economy and society, these people (who form the vast majority of the population, btw) carry no weight in our society as far as the impacts of your policies actually are, and thus, suffer significantly while never really having a shot at realizing their goals, thanks to a lack of social support from friends, family, government and society, a lack of economic opportunities to raise them out of poverty to realize their dreams or, frankly, a lack of dedication to what they’re “trying” to do.

The tallest tree in the forest, only became so thanks to a myriad of environmental and ecological conditions, in addition to its genetic potential.

What Liberals would really like to do, is tend to the garden of society, using facts about our world and what actually works for people, as a tool to figure out what’s there and what would be most effective, such that all the plants are able to grow to their fullest genetic potential and be happy while doing/achieving it.

You’re just offering that same stupid rat race vision of society, where the rich have everything, encourage people to destroy themselves physically and mentally to achieve the Great Carrot in the Sky, only to find, that the carrot was never there to begin with, or else, was not the rewarding prize that they thought it was.

I charge, Senator, that you are just a shill for the corporate elite, dressed up in a ‘coon-skin cap and a folksy drawl, if not intentionally so, in actual practice.

You’re out of touch with reality itself, Senator.

You’re too caught up in your visions of what “is” and what “isn’t”; what you BELIEVE “works” and what doesn’t “work”, to notice what impact your “Libertarian” ideology has on the world around you that you are (news flash) apart of.

Get a grip, Senator.

You and your demented father.

And get out of my government, iffen you’re not interested in filling the boots that you need to fill while in government.

Go on home.

Think about it.


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