A Meditation on the Nature of Power

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Contrary to popular belief and a very narrow and limited perspective on humanity and the human condition, power does not necessarily mean the ability to brow beat another into a kind of false submission.

Such people tend to be gained up upon by those who are “under” them, or else, defied by the collective mass that is a human society, such that their will or their force or their cunning means absolutely nothing.

If such individuals do get into places with authority, their authority extends only as far as the people are willing to take it. Again, they receive the same mockery, the same lack of benevolence and compassion; the same lack of respect, from the rest of society that surrounds them and should be “under” them.

If we consider Machiavelli, and all the people he pointed to as being “great” rulers and “grand” princes, we see that lose their power and influence once they’ve died, or else, in their own very lifetimes. Nobody recognizes Ferdinand of Aragon, or Cesare di Borge as great leaders anymore.

They’re dead.

And so is their hold on humanity.

The only people who still have power on a grand scale to motivate, to encourage, to yield results, for better or for worse, are those who have helped others and done something for others. Consider the influence of Buddha for instance. Or Jesus. Or Mother Theresa. Or Gandhi.

These are folks who people still hold close to their hearts (in their brains), for thousands of generations after the fact of their lives (if their lives were in fact, factual).

Consider the influence that Buddha has at present.

And then, compare it to the power of Ferdinand of Aragon at the same time period?

Or Forbes’ latest most “powerful” person, Vladimir Putin?

Consider the traces that these folks who have done for others have left amongst ourselves and within our universe as a whole.

And then, compare it to the “influence” that the conniving, the manipulative, the ruthless, the forceful; the greedy of the present and the past.

They don’t even stack up.

Not in the long term.

And that long term becomes the short term all too soon.

Think about it.

Because, if you’re really going for power on THIS plane of existence, in the ACTUAL sense of the word, “power”, why don’t you take a tip from those who actually HOLD power, even now, thousands of years after their deaths?

Be like Jesus.

Be like Buddha.

And think about it!


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