Oh, Israel…

Oh, Israel…

This is really something I don’t understand from an Israeli strategic point of view.

The Islamists who form the majority of the resistance to al-Assad (who don’t even have popularity or legitimacy in their own right within the population anyway) will never support Israel.  Furthermore, this will only add ire against the Israelis amongst the non-Islamic groups of Syria.

This was a LOUSY choice by the Israeli civilian command.

And, unfortunately, I see only more bloodshed, mostly coming from Israel, should this anti-social behavior continue without abating.

A terrible mistake, at an opportune moment to make peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the conservatives’ decision making process, and the results that stem from them.



And dangerous for themselves and all others who are around them.

Just watch.

And the Jews will learn nothing.

Just watch.

Think about it.


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