How The Democrats Can Hammer Home

How The Democrats Can Hammer Home

But Senator, what are your Party and your people really doing differently?

You’re still beholden to the same corporate interests that the Republicans actively worship.

You still play the same losing games for the Left.

And you don’t seem to really care or have the guts or sense to care about the well being of the American people.

What have we gotten from you these past 8 years?Ineffective governing.

A lack of attention to empirical details and common sense knowledge about the world that actually is around us.

Continued expansion of the police state apparatus of the state.Continued denial of economic liberties, such that all Americans can participate in the economy.

And a reliance on the same aspects of the Left that failed when “Communism” was put into place.Dear God Senator, how can we actually distinguish you from the “interests” of the private elite?

And, when will the Democrats gain the sense and the balls to do something effective about it?

I’d LOVE to help.

But that’s going to mean getting rid of some people.

It’s going to mean breaking with the private elites who don’t care and won’t care about the rest of society around them>And it’s going to mean keeping those individuals and groups of individuals out of actual places of power, significance and consequence in our world, not only through jail time and physical isolation, but through a capitalization on the social isolation they have already achieved through their actions and behaviors that distinguish them as a mental/brain type community.

Senator Reid, I think you and most of the Democrats WANT what’s actually best for the American public.But, unfortunately, you’ve got some big fish to fry in the media, in the banks, in the investors, in the corporations and executives.

Which side are you on, Senator?


Or hallucination?

For people?Or for money and “power” (which you will not receive until you act for people).

For science, truth and engineering?Or for hokum, beliefs and opinions?

I leave it to you, Senator.Democrats.


Think about it.


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