It Regrows

It Regrows


They have a line of succession.

Operations will continue as normal against the Pakistani government and American/ISAF forces in Afghanistan.

And, now, all peace talks between the Pakistani Taliban, the Pakistani government and American forces will cease.

Yes, Hakimullah is dead.

But, in the whole context of the conflict, this could be seen as a step backwards towards resolving the conflict, ending the threat to the American people and, generally, ensuring peace, stability and harmony within the world.

Remember, ultra-conservatives like the Taliban tend to alienate themselves in the context of the rest of society when they govern.  They’re easy to knock off, so long as you keep your actions legitimate in the eyes of the rest of society.  We could have made peace with them now, and then waited for an opportune moment to topple them again, when we’re ready and when the people are ready.

Remember, they’re simply going to regenerate their leadership, or have a new movement spawn from the ashes of the old, unless we target the policy issues that are at stake and are fueling their support.  So long as they have people coming to them to fight, we’re not going to see the end of it.

Now, some people aren’t going to be swayed by our gestures and are going to keep fighting anyway, thanks to a lack of education or an excess of aggro against us.  The only way to counter this, is to get the rest of their society on our side, such that they’re proactively teaching their children not to fight us, or to turn in those who want to attack us.

It’s a shame that we’re fighting a war with people who don’t understand these kinds of tactics, or who may be directly opposed to such effective tactic, due to the financial “gains” that can be made from fighting this war in this ineffective manner.

As Sun Tzu said, “There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare”.

Too bad the bankers, financiers and investors don’t look at it in this broader manner.

And our politicians aren’t smart enough or compassionate enough to see through this.

Think about it.


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