Let’s Look at Conservatism

Let’s take a look at conservatism.

What is it do they actually support in practice?

I don’t care what they say, or what they claim to support.Let’s look at what happens as a result of their ideological stances and their policy choices.What happens as a result of their chosen actions when they’re having influence in government?

Whenever they’ve opposed government intervention in society or in the economy, it’s usually been to defend against some of the most socially and morally reprehensible practices and behaviors that are imaginable.

Take slavery, for instance.It was, at the time, a progressive thing to support changing the laws of this country, so that you can’t legally own another human being or treat them as property.
The conservative position to that; the position whereby things would not change, is that slavery was “ok”, apart of the economy and a “traditional” way of life, and, therefore, none of the government’s business.The same could be said about civil rights and liberties.Economic liberties and rights?  The conservatives opposed those too, on the grounds that it would mean t

oo much government interference in the economy and in society and it would “destroy” society as we know it.

See a pattern here?That’s how they’ve operated in practice, in spite of all their false patriotic hyperbole and gobbledygook that they do not even follow in practice.
They’re nothing more than the old aristocracy, looking to pig out at the expense of the rest of society, and the Democrats haven’t learned from history that that’s a losing alliance for themselves, as a political Party.Well, I have news for conservatives: I would LOVE to destroy the racist, bigoted, heartless, hopeless, senseless, self-destructive and piggish society that they seem to love so very dear and replace it with something new.  I would love it if humanity would be able to look beyond the hallucinations and fantasies and beliefs about how the universe works to actually SEE and KNOW how the universe works beyond our brains and our brains’ hopes, wishes, desires and beliefs.

I would love it if all of humanity would view all other parts of humanity as brothers and sisters at best, distant cousins at the least.I would love it, if we would understand our actions and the consequences that they produce FOR OURSELVES in the world, through the impacts and effects that they have on all other aspects of this world.
I would LOVE it, if we would understand our society and other societies around us as things that we depend on for our well being and survival, and then genuinely recognize how our actions towards it/them effect us individually and collectively, in spite of what our brains may tell us otherwise.
And I would LOVE it, if we would understand the environment around us is what we live on and survive on, and then, again, genuinely recognize how our actions towards it effect us individually and collectively, in spite of what our brains may tell us otherwise.
I’m tired of the hallucinations running the world.
But, that’s what we seem to be stuck with.
Think about it.

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