The Poor, The Tired, The Hungry….

The Poor, The Tired, The Hungry….

People are already hungry enough as it is for change.Now, they’re going to start being physically hungry, as food prices continue to rise (because goodness forbid that a simple absolute profit take priority over a “growing” marginal profit).
One of the factors that contributed to the French Revolution was a spike in food prices caused by poor climate conditions for growing wheat.  When the French arisocracy went to raise money for the war in America and their wars in Europe, they raised taxes on the poor instead of themselves, adding to the burden.  The combination of taking from the poor while things were scarce, while not using their own resources to fund the wars most likely played key roles in producing what would become the French Revolution, which really wouldn’t quite down fully until the 20th century.
For supposed history buffs, the Republicans, Democrats and the private elite are making all the classic poor choices that have led to revolutions in the past.  The environmental conditions and the condition of our food supply will, most likely, only accelarte the process.  People aren’t going to sit down and be quiet while they go hungy (or thirsty), in spite of what Nestle’s CEO seems to think.
Thus, the government that does not abide by the natural laws of society and the universe beyond our brains’ conceptions, perceptions, hopes, desires and wants, gets put into a position where it is easily consumed by the general public.  Those who do not care for the people, about the people will suffer the most when they get into high positoins of power and authority, thanks to their actions and the effects of their actions over the long term (which, actually, becomes the short term as well).
All for a few pieces of cloth rag that a handful of people have and couldn’t spend if they tried.
And, if this doesn’t kill them, the environment will, because that’s just how nature works.EIther humans will learn to move beyond their constructed social “reality” to embrace the actual reality of the world around them.
Or, they will die.
It’s as simple as that.
For all our brain power.
We’re currently pretty delusional and out of touch with reality.
Silly brains.Think about it!!

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