The Worlds You Produce:

Different brains in power, produce different worlds in which we live.  It’s important to remember, that the brain type of the people who are in power are, actually, always going to be influenced by the brains of their surroundings growing up, in addition to their genetic potential.In short, all questions about the brain comes down to their genetic, environmental and chronic growth and development.

Some brains will demand different things from its government and society than others.  Some require more rigidity, more narrow, more hierarchy, less individualism, less compassion and more stability (the effective portrait of a conservative), and will attempt to produce a society that will be like that through legislation and law enforcement.
The trouble with the rigidity, lack of broadness, individuality, hierarchy, compassion and need for stability, is that these are traits which are not rewarded in the grand context of human survival in the long term, and do not actually mesh with the way most people are able to handle the world and deal with it.  The world requires flexibility for changing times; broadness that can scale down to narrow detail easily, individuality (for increased robustness and stamina within the population), decentralization of authority, compassion and, above all, a certain ability to at least accept things when they get chaotic and crazy.  Conservative brains are, therefore, less fit for survival in the grandest scheme of things, and produce governments that crumble more easily, yet are more authoritarian when push comes to actual shove.Where or how they came into existence and to be such a popular and widespread phenomenon is beyond me.  Pre-liminary evidence suggests that conservatism stems from the rear portions of our brains, therefore meaning, that we all have a potential to be like them.

But the fact of the matter seems to be, in my own estimation, is that we’re looking at a group of people who cannot cope with reality for what it is, and therefore, seek out “alternatives” which become their own “reality” when push comes to shove.  They are neither able nor willing to deal with the natural tumult of reality and, instead, seek out an imagined reality that has no actual or necessary ground in the reality that is common to us all.
In the end, our brains are what filter and synthesize the image of reality that we have.  What you see, feel, hear, believe, think and perceive are all functions that your brain does in varying capacities.  It is manipulable; it is malleable.But just because your brain sees things differently, doesn’t mean that it is any more correct relative to the rest of the universe that’s around you.

Gravity does not really cease to exist, just because you personally don’t feel it.

Just ask the folks on drugs who have tried flying out of windows, to their deaths below.

It is time that we begin concerning ourselves more with the reality that is, rather than live about in the realities that we think.That is the perspective that I have to offer the universe as a whole.

And yet, that perspective itself is just a product of my brain.

The difference is, is that it can be backed up repeatably in numerous conditions and circumstances, while others, simply cannot.

Enjoy your day, kids.

Think about it.


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