Inter-Generational Abuse

Inter-Generational Abuse

The old cannibalizing off of the young.

The species has a long history of this.

But, notice how the leaders of our grand parents’ generation sought to end poverty, relieve the suffering of the people and generally produce a happier society, while my parent’s generation switched over to Ronald Reagan and the worst aspects of our grandparent’s generation when they got older.

We’re still living in Reagan’s and Thatcher’s shadow, even today.

What caused this transition from the noble to the base?  From the Enlightened to the damned, in such a short span of time?

I don’t know.

Perhaps the people who have risen to power always have ended up being this exploitative.

It’s their loss, because history will never be so kind to them as they may think.

Still, it’s a mystery to me how a generation of leaders could have deviated so far from their origins, if that’s even accurate to begin with.

It’s all working against themselves though, in the long term.  A shame that it has to impact so many people negatively, for the sake of their marginal gain and short sighted greed

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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