Let the Conservatives Fume

Let the Conservatives Fume

If you want my honest opinion, this is something that I can actually live with.

The Revolutionary Guard is probably never going to be willing to be cool with the US, partially for good reason, partially because they’re composed of the Iranian incarnations of conservatism (and, therefore, not amenable to any kind of peace process.  They’d rather wallow in their own political filth than make any kind of change, or accept any kind of cooperation with another who is not like them).

I say, accept their presence, and let their continued belligerence towards us alienate them within their own society.

The Iranian people seem to want peace.

They don’t seem to like the Ayatollahs much.

And every piece of hostility only seems to draw them reluctantly back towards them.

You gotta learn to accept and work with others as they are, if you’re going to share the same universe with them.  Don’t understand how that becomes such a difficult problem for so many people in the world, especially in the West.

Such silliness.

And it’s all thanks to their brains that they work (or rather, don’t work) like they do on a regular and consistent basis.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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