Impractical Maneuvers

Impractical Maneuvers


It’s in both Japan and South Korea’s interests to present a unified front against the North Koreans and the Chinese.

However, the conservative government of Japan isn’t going to accept the terms of the South Korean government, because it would look bad to their sense of nationalism and pride, while the conservative South Korean government isn’t going to let up on their terms for the sake of self-defense.

Without a doubt, this is probably one of the stupidest bits of diplomatic posturing that I’ve seen, given the current situation that both Japan and South Korea are in.

But, it’s not like the South Korean or Japanese societies are going to behave any differently.

All of this is very predictable human behavior, given the past relations between Japan and South Korea vis a vis, World War II.

But, that’s just the way it’s going to be.

When societies are scared, they tend to insulate, isolate, become hostile towards others, and generally, become more conservative, I think.

It’s just fear that they rely on, after all, and a delusional view of economics that produces only for those who have, and no one else.

And it’s all a product of the collective brains of society, and nothing else, in a non-rational, not-necessarily-working-towards-their-own-self-interest-on-tangible-the-level-of-existence, kind of manner.

Such is the current state of being on this plane of existence for humanity as a whole.

Think about it.


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