Nothing But Talk

Nothing But Talk

Talk, talk, nothing but talk.

And yet there’s no engagement with either Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

What is with International Diplomacy at present?

How on Earth is this current method supposed to bring about peace, stability and conditions conducive to trade and mutual benefit?

Egypt is going to need a legitimate and stable polity if it is going to be able to advance itself in the future.  That’s what it doesn’t have and, if the United States does not engage al-Sisi to be less interested in pursuing small minded goals and be more concerned about the well being of the society and its members, it will continue to bubble in turmoil and lack of progress.

We could coach Egypt on how to act according to its new social paradigms.

As for Saudi Arabia, we may just have to get ourselves off of oil.

That would take changes in our domestic policy and attitudes with regards to wealth, energy, capitalism and politics.

Sadly, that’s not what either the Democrats or the Republicans are going to do.

And, thus, the world will continue to crumble in on them, thanks to the environmental and social damage that they’re actually doing TO THEMSELVES, rather than to the rest of society.

And it’s all thanks to their brains that they behave like this.

Such silliness, for money and relative power.

Think about it.


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