Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic

Again, this is one of those moments where you have to evaluate the social situation in Iran, and then act according to the facts on the ground accordingly.

Again, people are complicated, and societies of people even more so.

You’ve got to calmly evaluate what’s happening there first, and then judge whether or not it’s an actual threat to our relations with their society.

Most people aren’t that angry and hate filled to keep things going for all of this time.

That’s a trait of conservatism and conservatives.  It can be disregarded, so long as the whole of society isn’t in aggro or otherwise agitated and in defensive mode.

Therefore, I would acknowledge their complaints, validate what about their view is legitimate (because, in this case, it is from a legitimate beef) and then re-iterate our desire to continue building relations such that we could disarm Iran’s  nuclear capability.

It’s in the region’s interest that Iran stay nuclear free, at the present time.

It may ease Saudi Arabia, the other regional power that needs to be considered.

And, I would proactively point out to the Saudis that cooling tensions with Iran would yield positive effects for them, since it would de-escalate the need for conflict, thus keeping them safe.

It’s a complicated issue.

And, while that probably won’t ease Saudi’s tensions as Iran grows its influence, we can still act as the counter-weight to Iran through Saudi Arabia, until we are independent from Saudi oil.

Then, we can choose our allies and enemies in the region at our leisure.

Think about it.


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