It’s Not About Money

It’s Not About Money

It isn’t business itself that’s the problem.It’s business’s ethic of just making a marginal profit and businesses’ trying to operate something that is larger, grander, more complicated and dependent on more things than just money.
Unfortunately for businesses, it takes more than a money-centered view to run a society.  You have to consider all of the other factors which makes life bearable and even happy for humans.  Business plays a role in it, for sure.
You can’t have stuff without having businesses buy, sell and produce goods and services.  But at the same time, what good is a profit if it sits in a business bank account, or an executives’ bank account, doing nothing?What good is profit if it is realized through harming either the society or the environment that it is apart of?These are functional questions that capitalism doesn’t really answer, nor are they questions that businesses really concern themselves with.

That is where the public sector steps in, vis a vis, the government, to make sure that businesses and bankers are working harmoniously with the environment and society, for the sake of the environment and society that they, the business owners depend on, and not just for their smaller sense self, which will die off without the influence of the environment or the society.

That’s the joke about the business and banker class.  And they don’t see it!Not at all.

Think about it.


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2 responses to “It’s Not About Money”

  1. The Blogging Rapper says :

    Good stuff! It’s so much more than money… for me it’s leading people and helping them build better lives!

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