The Patriotism of the Rich

celtic-tree-of-life-circle-car-window-sticker-14057-pThe Patriotism of the Rich

Rather than stay and spend the money to improve the quality of life of their fellow countryfolk, avoid the tumult of civil unrest and the destruction of the present manifestation of an ancient culture, the wealthy of China, which also includes the political elite of China, are leaving the country and their people, to their unfortunate lives.

I suppose this is what Jesus meant by “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  As far as I’m concerned, you can technically make the kingdom down here on Earth, if only you focused on the scientific conditions within the physical and psychological realm of society (bearing in mind, that this will never be the real kingdom, because anything that’s done here is impermanent and subject to change and a need for adaptation and alteration in the realm of policy making, depending upon the empirically testable conditions within the society and within the environment and universe beyond our planet).

Furthermore, by maintaining good quality of life for people in spite of these changing internal and external conditions conditions, a leadership should be able to remain in power indefinitely, until it either fails to abide by these principles, or else, it gets bowled over by the universe that is around you.

That’s what these political and social elites don’t seem to appreciate or accept.

That’s part of the reason how we’re stuck on this plane of existence, living in the condition that we’re living in.

All because a handful of people don’t want to give up the wealth that they did not really produce and cannot really use, in spite of how much they may spend.

Think about it.


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