A Difference of Philosophy

Conservatives and Progressives see the world very differently.

I’m not going to address the Libertarians in the crowd in this post.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re just as guilty of the neglect of society that so characterizes the conservatives’ side, even though they come with the more reasonable aspects of handling society itself.

From what I can tell on this end, they’re either too self-centered and well off to have cares or concerns about the rest of society, or, they’re too delusional and blind to the rest of the world that’s around them, and the consequences that they have on it.

It’s no wonder that progressives or liberals tend to be the more prone to anxiety and depression, since it is they who seem to have the genuine concerns for our society and the people who live in it.  They may not get the solutions right all of the time, which can lead to drastic damage being done to society.

But it is their care about others that truly seems to distinguish them from the conservatives, who seem to be more interested in inserting their narrow vision of society upon the rest of society, and the Libertarians who are either more concerned about themselves and their senses of perceived “liberty” over the tangible concerns that relate to other people and to themselves.

It’s a shame that such a large portion of the American public and, indeed, aspects of the global public, can be so out of touch with the concern for others’ well being as it relates to their own well being.  What are we, but a vast, inter-dependent superorganism (when taken together as a whole) with unique aspects to it that create our distinct, yet inter-connected and blended societies and cultures?

How is it that people don’t, won’t or can’t see things in this more accurate and beneficial light?

What good is competition within the species it doesn’t add any value to the whole of the species, and simply involves the exploitation of one aspect of the species by another?

Why should we care or listen to those who have no care, no comprehension and no care to have comprehension about the larger universe that is, actually, around them, and the consequences of their actions upon that larger universe?

All progressives/liberals want to do, if they’re genuinely progressive, is to make the condition of humanity in this world happier, healthier, more sustainable and more inclusive of the inconsequential differences among us that only have significance because our brains have arbitrarily made it be so.  That may mean that government steps out of the picture and allows people to be who they are.  But this is how they manifest in our social world and, consequentially, this is how they want to direct the governing principles and function of our society, albeit imperfectly.

What do the conservatives and Libertarians want to do with it?

Exclude those who do not fit a certain definition, such that the society becomes inbred and easier to die off as a result of this inbreeding while neglecting the suffering of the majority of human society for the sake of this purity?

Pursue the abstract concept of personal “liberty” while neglecting their own tangible needs, relative to society at, again, the expense of the rest of society that composes its whole?

Those are the actual consequences that are realized from either a conservative or a Libertarian government.

That’s what history has shown when government takes a back seat in society.  It just leads to the festering of the society, which leads to the festering of the individual within society that we’ve all become too familiar with as a result of government taking a back seat to bankers and businessmen at the very least.

I’m not saying that government is the solution to all of our problems.  What I’m saying, is that government is the forum for us to be discussing the problems that are present in our societies, such that we’re able to come to agreements that work for everybody who’s living in it.  It’s not for one Party to rule over another, nor is it for only one view point to be expressed.

Even in dictatorships, the dictator must consider the whole of their society, such that they’re making decisions that do the most amount of good, while doing the least amount of actual harm to anyone, in order to maintain legitimacy and authority within their socieit(ies).  So too must the government of a democracy reflect the full needs of its citizens, such that the most amount of good is realized, such that the least amount of actual harm is caused.

And, both the dictator and the democratic politician, must pay attention to the objective, capital “T” Truths of our social world, with regards to conditions and effects of their actions, and to the capital “B” Benevolence to all who live in society, such that they are, actually, coming up with what’s best for everybody in society, which then translates into what’s best for themselves as members of the governing body of society.

These are the lessons from history.

These are the demonstrable, empirical facts about our world and about the human species beyond our own hopes, dreams, wishes and perceptions about the world and the species, whether we like it or not.

Think about it.

And, test it.

I dare you to.

Think about it.


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