The Portrait of Conservative Government

The Portrait of Conservative Government

Mr. Ford sums up conservative government ever so nicely.

Not only is a buffoon, but he’s also hypocritical for the values that he supposedly stands for, and generally useless at delivering the services that people actually need expect from a government.
However, conservatives in society seem to either too wealthy to really need to bother with those services, enjoy the neglect of the darker sides of our world and the social/economic consequences that results from this malevolent neglect, or else, are really darker and not as proper as they’d like you all to think.
How is it that we, as a society, are still listening to these folks and their point of views, especially when they prove to be so caustic to our world, for many many different reasons?
What good is it for them to drown themselves while drowning the whole of society?
Some brains….
Think about it.

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