Still Think This is False?

Still Think This is False?

What I don’t get about the opposition to global warming, is what kind of motive they’re assigning to those who say that it is happening.
For starters, the evidence is in, and they can check it themselves to see that it is warming and that the percentages of greenhouse gases are increasing exponetially since the Industrial Revolution.
Secondly, how could the opposition profit off of making these claims?I see no money to be made in accepting human-caused climate change.
No real purpose in bringing up and advocating for these points if there is no basis for it.Unless the cllimate change deniers are silly enough to think that the climate change acceptors are just in it for some petty government control reasons.
I do, however, see lots and lots of money to be made by denying climate change.
I see lots and lots of motive to fudge reality in order to realize a marginal profit.
Not much to be had on the other stance, although, there is the whole issue of being able to survive and, hopefully, thrive on this planet.
That’s motivation, but not motivation enough to bring up these points frivolously or to deny reality as it is.
What we’re looking at is two different conceptions of the human species; two different visions of reality; two different philosophies as to how to handle it.
The first, denies reality and pursues that which is not needed for our biological needs, health and happiness.  It runs counter to what we need, as a species, on the empirical level, and then works to prevent any such positive action for our species from happening in the places where those questions get debated and settled.
The second lives, more or less, in this reality and works to promote well being for others through its actions.  Even though they may not be as accurate towards their self-interests as they could be, they’re still much closer to the lived reality that we’re all connected to each other and to our environment as a whole.  They put money in its proper place of human needs, for the most part.And then, they seek to use government and governing institutions to improve our condition in the world around them, rather than sit around in indifferent negligence to the state of the world that they’re living in (and are apart of).
I leave it to you all to decide who to support and who not to support: the liars, cheats and stealers who have no comprehension of the larger world around them, or for the hapless and well-intended folks who try to do good and sometimes succeed for the sake of others.
Choose wisely.
Because, in the end, it is the species as a whole that is going to have to decide, between health or wealth, between civil governance or dictatorship and between empirical, positive governance and ideology and falsehoods.
Choose wisely.Think about it.

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