The Tricky Part

The Tricky Part

Virginia’s Race

Congratulations to these two Democrats for winning their election.
Now comes the trickiest part of winning the election: actually running the government and directing policy that is both physically and psychologically beneficial for the people who are living under your jurisdiction.
It’s not enough to just be a good campaigner and to make all these promises that you’re not going to deliver or will not be willing to deliver.
The Mayor of New York, especially, will be tasked with reigning in on police discrimination, brutality and the abuses of Wall Street, while the Governor of Virginia will be tasked with keeping the balance between helping others through public service while maintaining effective and efficient use of government.
Communication will be key for both of these new leaders, moving forward into their terms of office.  Like with cooking, the meal must be presentable and palatable as well as substantially delicious and nutritious.
We’ll see if these two Democratic leaders have what it takes to govern effectively.
If not, they will be swept out of office, like all those who do poorly for the sake of their people, thus opening the door for potential demons to enter into office, that will take, usurp and abuse the people who they are responsible for, in the name of simple ideals, ideology, personal opinion and nothing more.
Eventually, people will get tired of the Democratic-Republican back and forth.
And, eventually, they’ll be inclined to throw all of them out, in spite of the risks and consequences for making such a big change in government.
History is speaking.
And only the foolish or the deaf and blind are not listening.
Think about it.

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