Thus It Begins?

Thus It Begins?

It takes a lot to get people inclined to bomb places, either internally or externally.Usually, elections help mitigate these effects, such that people decide to join in the peaceful transfer of power, rather than engage in violence.
Or permitting others to govern themselves, in accordance with their own cultures and sensibilities.
However, democracy is not always going to be compatible in these places and cultures.
And, if I were the Communists of China, I would take this as a deliberate challenge to their authority, legitimacy and presence in government.  One that requires a peaceful and benevolent response, rather than a violent thrashing.
People do not always really want or need liberal democracy, as it is defined in the West.
What most people seem to need and want is some accountability, responsiveness and benevolence from their government, such that the government and its members are working for the general well being of the people, rather than their own or someone elses’ petty well being.
Remember, the Communists have only been in power since 1949.
This is a blip in Chinese history, much like the Soviet Union was a 97 year blip in Russian history.
All because the government did not abide by the needs and wants of the people.All because they did not pay attention to what their whole society was saying, thinking and needing.
Such silliness!
And all because of a brain type that does not sense, care or care to sense about the social and ecological environment that is around them; a brain type that seeks to impose and talk rather than conjoin and listen, who does not care about their own interests in the fullest of fullest senses, nor about the interests of everyone else in society (upon whom, their interests depend).
Such silliness for pride, ego and greed.And it’s all thanks to a brain type.
And nothing more.
Think about it.

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