Conservatism In Extremis

Conservatism In Extremis

What difference is there between a conservative here, and a conservative over there?Sure, our conservatives are less violent (for now).

But what is the difference between the extreme imposition of moral behavior on one hand and the attempted imposition of moral behavior on the other?

This guy seems to be someone who is going to incarnate the Taliban’s brand of religious extremism.  He is not a fighter, per se, but one who is going to rally the faithful and the extreme to the Taliban’s cause.

He may even prove somewhat counter-productive to the Taliban’s objective, since he’ll do such a wonderful job alienating the majority of Pakistani society both under and outside of his governance.

Above all, it is best to let the enemy defeat themselves through their actions and choices.

Pakistan’s Army may once again, be the liberators of the people under Taliban rule.

If only their intelligence apparatus wasn’t so heavily involved in Taliban circles, they may have a chance at defeating them in their home territory.

Yet we’re not making moves against the Pakistani ISI, who are probably a greater threat to global security than all other organizations and groups of people in the world, next to modern banks, bankers and corporate executives.

These silly brains are going to be the ones that end humanity as we know it.

All for some poorly chosen priorities and courses of action.

All thanks to their brains.

And nowhere else.

Think about it.


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