Conservatism Incarnate

Conservatism Incarnate

Who could be a better metaphor for conservatives and conservatives’ brand of governing in general?

Contrary to the popular conservative chant against governing and government, conservatives actually do quite a bit of time working on both.

What has conservatism encouraged except that which is the worst of our instincts and the worst of our behaviors?

Mayor Ford shows us in all his glory the bare face of conservatism through his actions.

Unhappily drunk.



And violent against those who disagrees.

This is before we get into the economic and environmental corruption that they perpetuate in our universe, thanks to their decisions, actions and lack of action.

And he still has supporters within the society, who neither seem to care about the function of the offices of government, let alone, the consequences of their fillers’ actions.

This is what the official Left lets lead in our world, when we could be realizing something that’s empirically, tangibly and, yes, perhaps even psychologically better for all of us?

It’s not going to be utopia.

Heck, it’s going to be lousy from time to time, just because of the natural ebbs and flows of the universe.

The difference between what the progressives have to offer over what the conservatives and other groups have to offer, is a genuine care about the other that is the society, the environment and the condition of humanity as a whole.

We can boil governing down to a science and practice, similar to that of medicine.

We can, theoretically, make it so we are going to be more or less doing the right thing relative to the whole.

I’ll be honest, it’s not a full guarantee that the progressives will always succeed all of the time.

That is impossible for humanity to do, and even more impossible given the constantly changing, evolving and unfolding nature of reality.

But at least their intentions are in the right place.

And if your intentions aren’t in the right place, than no amount of success will compensate for the harm and damage that you’re going to do to the whole and to yourself through your actions against the larger self that is you and the rest of the world.

That much, is fact.

What good are these folks like Mr. Ford, or Libertarians who would treat the world with benignly intended neglect?

What good are those opinions, as far as pursuing the best possible solutions to the problems that we’re facing in our world methodically, strategically for our well being and survival and based upon empirical facts about our social, economic, environmental and cosmological worlds?

We need to be governed by facts, empirical effects, discussion and experimentation, not through greed, small “self’ serving interests or ideological hopes and wishes about how the world is.

And that’s what I leave before the world of humanity as a whole, and for the living beings of the universe in its entirety.

A government’s relationship to its society is like a marriage.

And, I’m afraid that society is still young, fickle and not thinking too too straight about who it chooses as its groom.

Hence how there are/have been so many divorces, some of them violent, over the years.

All thanks to the brains of the individuals living in society, and those who live in the top realms of our political and economic realms.

All thanks to our semi-evolved brains that can barely grasp the reality that is around us.

And nowhere else, as far as I can tell.

Think about it.


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