The Rich Didn’t Do Much Back Then Either

The Rich Didn’t Do Much Back Then Either

So, this is what the private elites have done to one of the most powerful groups of people in history.

Reduced them back 150 years to eating three pieces of bread, and calling it a meal.

There’s a reason why society flexes its muscles through government, in order to topple the influence and power of the private elites: the quality of life they have to offer people is intolerable and unacceptable by any standard, especially by 21st century standards.

What nonsense is this, then, that they expect the people to eat?

But, knowing the history of the English, it’s not going to be the first time that they cowed to the excesses of the well to do, for the sake of abstract notions of liberty that only applies, in practice, to the people who have money.

And the people’s decision, when faced with the choice of either bringing about change by voting and running for office or to sit on their thumbs and take it, is just to sit down, shut up and take it from the rich.

Very much like how it is in America.

Such silliness, for a little bit of extra cash that you cannot spend in your lifetime.

What is the point of amassing this kind of wealth, when it gets in the way of health, happiness and the natural condition of the human species as a biological organism?

Think about it.


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