The Top Never Seem To Learn

The Top Never Seem To Learn

Indeed, what will be the difference in countries where the ethnicities are the same, but the access to political power is equally curtailed?

What stopped the French peasants from going against the French aristocrats but a loathing of the economic, social and, therefore, political inequalities that existed at the time?

And yet, in spite of this constant message from the world outside of our brains that amassing excessively large amounts of wealth at the public’s expense, and then monopolizing political power away from people, such that you can feed your own small “self”-ish ends isn’t a good idea, the people who perennially end up on “top” in our societies, don’t seem to get the memo until it is too late, and then, proceed to blame the people for behaving as humans have perennially behaved when put into such a social, political and economic corner.

Factor in the environmental conditions, and you’re looking at one hot, steamy mess for the rich and those who voluntarily or tacitly support them in politics.

You’d think there’d be more sense from these folks, when it comes to interacting with the world around them when they have so much consequence and impact on the world that is around them; a little more care for the natural laws of cause and effect that cannot actually be broken by anyone at anytime, without severe repercussions for those who attempt it.

Sadly, that’s not the actual case of the matter.

Their brains won’t allow them to take more self-interested steps towards accomplishing their own ends of staying in power through the proven methods.

And so, the world will continue to suffer.

And it’s all thanks to the brains of a few people on top, and the people below them who support them willingly and unwittingly that it works this way.

Silly brains.

Silly conservatives….

Think about it.


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