This Isn’t Good

The End of Humanity

This Isn’t Good

What guarantees do we have that this won’t end up in the hands of, for example, al-Qaeda or the Palestinians or the Syrian rebels (who are also al-Qaeda fighters).
In the end, this is a highly irresponsible move by the Pakistanis.  This will only make the region more unstable, more unpredictable and more dangerous to the world as a whole.  And for what?
Nukes on the loose only means that there will, in fact, be an increased chance that some unstable or malevolent person/people will get their hands on these weapons and use them towards some ill-conceived end.  Very much like how allowing for a plethora of firearms to be out and about only increases the odds that some malevolent or insane person/people will get one and use them.
And, in this case, any shot back from “good-guy” to “bad-guy” will result in incalculable amounts of damage, short and long term, to ourselves, and to all other people living on this planet, not that the analogy of “good-guy”, “bad-guy” fits well with this kind of analogy.
And thus, the world of humanity’s fate gets sealed.
All thanks to a few anti-social brains.
And nowhere else.

Think about it.


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