All Work For No Pay

All Work For No Pay

Believe it or not, I’m not a fan of welfare.

I think that any work should pay more than welfare, and that the path to getting out of welfare is incentivized through earning more, rather than not at all.

Unfortunately, the elite of our world and the conservatives of our government who back them, don’t even want to offer that path out of poverty.  They’d rather keep the excesses that they cannot spend in a lifetime in their own possession, rather than let it out to those who work and actually produce the wealth in our society, and then, wonder how it is that there is no real or actual growth in our society or economy.

I’m the one who gets called a “Socialist” for offering these solutions that may, in fact, work to bring us all out of poverty and into a happier, healthier and more socially/environmentally sustainable future.  The only arguments that are leveled against me are just ones that label me as such and such a thing, rather than anything that is substantial to the economic facts of the matter and the history of how those facts have played out in the past and present.

I say to Hell with those who are only using ideology to justify greed at the expense of the economy, the society and the universe!

Why should we listen or accept their lines of reasoning when they have only produced a divided world, an unstable world and a non-rational world?

Such are the silly brains of the conservatives, the Libertarians and the extreme Left.

No sense of reality, no sense to sense reality.


Think about it!


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