It’s A Living Thing

It’s A Living Thing

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: the economy.It’s not a series of calculations or mathematical models where everything is predictable, neat, orderly and rational.

It’s a biological system, where everything is in flux and is constantly evolving and growing.  It is only as rational, effective and efficient as the people who run it.And, if the evidence says anything, it’s not terribly rational or efficient, thanks to the functionality of the human species.

Government policy; how we shape our legal structures, our tax codes, our environmental regulations, our financial laws, our technological investments; everything, plays a significant role in shaping what kind of economy we produce and how well our economy actually functions on the empirical level of being.
What has lazy-faire government policy done, other than to a) let everything stagnate in one end of the economy, b) offend the sensibilities of workers who actually produce the wealth in the economy, c) fail to protect the workers and the citizens who compose the society from which the economy grows and d) generally enable the worst business and banking practices to go ahead, so that these companies and banks can turn massive short term profits, without immediate risk at the expense of everyone and everything else.
This is how things have worked on the empirical level, like it or not.
It was like this at the turn of the century, until government came in to protect the workers and to give them a decent wage.
It’s like this now, while both political parties are in businesses’ and bankers’ hands.
To deny it, is to live in a fantastic fantasy world of ideology, where your opinion and hopes, win out over what actually is in our universe.
To deny it, means that you’re forever going to make policies that don’t regrow the economies of the world and, thus, allow things to fester in the social realm where they’ll eventually bubble up and spoil whatever “government”, “society” and/or “economy” you hope to create.
There are natural laws to an economy.
And they may be subject to evolution, depending upon the inputs that go into the economy.
We can build an economy that works FOR people, and not FOR companies.
We can live in a world that prioritizes health, well being, quality of life and effect based government, over purely financial and monetary considerations.
We can live free from the shackles of marginal monetary gains, if only the slaves of such a system were not allowed to rise to the places of import and significance in our world, at their own expense as well as for ours.
The fact is, businesses need government.
The fact is, is that businesses rely on the infrastructure, security and investments that governments provide.
And the fact is, is that businesses need something to tend to the social, environmental, cosmological and economic (as opposed to business) concerns that businesses and banks will not look at, because it detracts from their over-arching intention to make as much money as possible, regardless of the consequences that they have on the world around us.
The economy and the world are a bigger picture than what businessespeople and bankers typically look at.
And that’s why government is not like a business.
And that’s why business and businesspeople need good government OVER them, not subservient to them.
Whether they’re going to kill themselves and the society they make their money off of in short order.
No living, no business.
No health, no business.
No environment, no business.
Get the picture?
Which comes first:Health?

Or wealth?

Think about it.

Because we can be healthy without having significant amounts of wealth.
But, are we healthy, individually and collectively, with the significant amounts of wealth that we have, if we produce it in ways that destroy the environment, society and economy in which we’re supposed to be living in?
Which has more value?Health?

Or wealth?

Think about it.


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