Sad, But, Kinda Yeah

Sad, But, Kinda Yeah

Israelis and the Israeli government should take these comments to heart while they make their moves in the Palestinian conflict.  It’s beginning to bleed back onto their own people living elsewhere, such that other Jewish people (European Jewish people, I might add, not the Sephardi whom the Ashkenazi Jews don’t seem to care about) are taking hits for Israel’s actions in the Middle East and towards their own citizens.
How does criticizing Israel’s actions make me an anti-Semite, if the actions that I’m advocating for are ones that will help Israelis and Jews elsewhere lead better lives relative to the others that they seem to have no regard for?How does cowing to an authority that’s wrong make me wrong?

But, that’s not the way that the conservative side really works.

Not in Israel, not anywhere else in the world.
It’s just the same group of people, yearning for a dictatorial boot in their butt, rather than a warm embrace from their leaders; trying to impose that which humanity as a whole finds less useful onto all others in their societies.
All thanks to differences in the brain.
And nowhere else.
Think about it.

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