Econ 101

“The evil person, obtaining wealth, neither uses it nor lets others use it, like a forest pool in a haunted forest — the water cannot be drunk and nobody dares to use it. The wise man, obtaining wealth, both uses it and puts it to use. Such a person is exemplary, he supports his relatives and is blameless. He attains to heaven.” – Buddha

It’s funny how the old prophets of the day intuitively grasped how positively functional economics actually works.

What does the bunching of wealth in one end of society do, but to choke off the economic functionality and growth of the whole economy?

How do you attain wealth when it is all bunched in one end of the society, like a teddy bear with all its stuffing in one end of the bear, or like blood, all bunched into one area of the body?

If we continue with the analogy of money being like the blood within the economic circuitry system, then empirical evidence shows that it is the government, the brain of the social body, to pump the heart, such that blood flows throughout the body of society and reaches the appropriate places to ensure economic and social growth, health, well being and sustainability.  Without it, you just get wealth bunching into one section of society, where it does little to no good for anyone.

In short, trickle down economics only works when government pumps the wealth down into society.  The rich, otherwise, act as a sponge and absorb an infinite amount of wealth, thus, locking up the economy and the society.

Unlike traditional Socialism or Communism, it is not economic planning, rather, economic influencing.  Unlike traditional Socialism or Communism, this would, in theory, democratize society by democratizing the wealth within the society, such that we all have and take a share of the work that we put into the society and the economy.

Unlike the current system, this should liberate a society and an economy from the political, social and economic interests of the elites.

And, unlike the current system or the traditional systems of Socialism and Communism, this might actually function on the empirical level of existence for everybody’s sake and benefit (including the elites, who would enjoy less heat from the rest of society in exchange for a marginal portion of their wealth).

And thus, we have laid bare the actual conflict between the Left and the Right; the fight of intentions and practices for the people (the Left) or against it (the Right).

Think about it.


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