The Art and Science of Exploitation

In general, it is not a good thing to try to exploit another human being or group of human beings.

The one-way relationship that this typically implies is not stable, not secure and dangerous for anyone who participates in it, on high and down below.  History has shown, time and time again, that a disregard for the society and the environment leads to the destruction of the exploiters in question, due to the lack of eventual presence of the society that the exploiters generally depend on for their well being and survival.

Therefore, to those who are unable and/or unwilling to cease exploitation of others, I have this advice:

If you are going to exploit, exploit positively such that you’re acting as a symbiotic parasite on the rest of society, rather than a cancerous one.  It is the only path to well being and survival for those who cannot and/or will not cease being lecherous onto the society that they, actually, depend on for their well being and survival.

Those who cannot or will not follow this advice for their own good, should be regarded as dangerous to themselves and dangerous to others.  These are the people who have no regard for their own self or for the selves of others that are around them and should be forcibly removed from the society, such that they no longer can pose a threat to themselves or to others by potentially reaching high levels within our social or economic world.

Their memetic traits should be revealed to all as being clearly self-destructive on this level of being, and should be used as lessons learned from our past, so that future generations may avoid their presence and influence in the future.

It should be emphasized that this is how it works on this level of existence.  The destruction of one leads to the destruction of the other, no matter how you slice it.  While there are an infinite number of ways to permanently gain voluntary or involuntary control over the species, the fact remains that the controllers have to operate within the parameters of the natural laws of the universe.  Failure to abide by these natural, discovered laws will lead to the destruction of the controllers of our social worlds.

Be warned, because as soon as the mistakes are made and not undone in time, the game will be over.

This is the world in which we live.

Those who do not, will not or cannot accept this are operating on a different plane of reality than the one we’re actually living in.

And it’s all thanks to an apparently defective brain that such personalities exist in the first place.

In spite of how “powerful” they may appear to be, they are, really, only the foolish, fool-hardy and stupid.

Silly brains.


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