Why I Don’t Support Revolution

Why I Don’t Support Revolution

The only way that revolutions work is when the consciousness and the culture of a society and institutions within a society change in accordance with new understandings about oneself and the world that is, around them.

The Scientific Revolution is one such revolution, in the strictest of senses, because it produced something that was genuinely different than what was done before.

The American Revolution, to a certain extent, can be viewed in that same right as well, although, it too can be seen as just the manifestation of the combined American cultures into one new government.

Even the radical French and Russian Revolutions only resulted in things continuing being centered in the government with repression tactics similar to the old regimes being employed.

The fact is, is that most revolutions do not end up bringing about the changes that they hope, because it requires a genuinely different outlook in governing to bring about the changes that the revolution (and the society) desired.  Repression tactics, like the ones employed in Tunisia and elsewhere, do not really hold back the mass of society in the long term.  Even Machiavelli noted that such tactics are only useful at the beginning of one’s reign, and should be phased out from then on, so as not to cause hard feelings between the governed and the governing.

I hypothesize that this is human nature, beyond cultural influence (even though, I think that culture plays a part in it, when it comes to how it specifically manifests within a given society).  I think this stretches across time and space, such that it can be considered apart of the natural laws of humanity and human behavior.

It is only those who do not, cannot, and will not understand these things; the pathological, the insane, the mentally ill, the disconnected with reality, that continue on these ill relations with the rest of society and do not abide by the natural laws of the universe in which they live, are apart of and are subject to.

It is their brain types which cause the problems that humanity perpetually faces that are caused by our own actions.

And, the sad part is, is that they have not yet figured out how to be on top while not destroying their own positions on the top of society through their own actions.

Such silly, semi-evolved brains.

And we’re all going to be paying the price for their tom-foolery, assuming, of course, that we’re not all afflicted like them with the same mental illness and the same mental hang-ups that they have while they’re in power.

Think about it.


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