Big News Out of China

Big News Out of China

This is going to be interesting, and by interesting, I mean potentially devastating.

Historically, China has not worked well with multiple people vying for political control.  This is how dynastic struggles begin, which leads to civil war and the ultimate undermining and transition of leadership to a new dynasty in China.

It’s a shame that the current leadership of China fails to recognize the value of populism in their governance.  If they spent more time looking after the people’s well being, rather than on amassing their own wealth, they may have a shot at maintaining their power for a longer period of time.

There is still time to co-opt the Bo Xilai faction’s pro-well being policies into the Communist liturgy, even if it is too late to bring back the supporters of Bo Xilai himself.  Cracking down on them isn’t going to solve anything, even if it may give the current leaders of China temporary mental relief.

In the end, if the Communists are going to want to stay in power, they’re going to have to adopt that which is useful for the public from Mr. Bo’s new Party and discredit him for what won’t work.  They must focus on that which will be empirically best for people, rather than what they want or think is best.

Otherwise, they’re just going to face continued challenges to their authority.

It’s just history.

Think about it.


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