Political Apathy and Fatalism

Political Apathy and Fatalism

What else is new in Russia?

Seriously, this is a sign of the times that democrats and dictators alike are going to have to rethink their governing strategies.

Vladimir Putin may be able to last in power, as just another dictator in Russia’s long history of dictators.

However, his reputation has been forever damaged through his own actions, his memory will be forgotten, his people will continue to languish under the lack of attention that he pays to them and he’ll continuously be faced with challenges to his authority, making his ability to govern all that much harder.

Mr. Putin’s case makes my point most clearly, in the grand scheme of how the universe works.

He’s a sad testament to how even dictators who can stay in power fail to achieve anything that’s worthwhile, memorable or helpful for themselves, and, pay the ultimate price for their greed, stupidity and lack of sense.

He truly could have been considered a great leader of the Rus.

But he tripped at the end, for lack of sense and greed.

And Russia will continue to be faced with the challenge of what to do after he’s gone.

Silly brains.

Think about it!


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