The Race to the Bottom

The Race to the Bottom

I believe in efficiency in government.

I want government to be as inexpensive as possible.

But these random slashes at our government’s budgets isn’t going to help our economy or our society.

They didn’t work in Europe, and they won’t work here.

All these cuts do is deobligate the rich from the rest of human society that actually produces the wealth that the rich enjoy, without actually leaving the rich or the poor disconnected from each other.

It would be one thing if the rich would leave and allow society to rebuild without them.

But, they insist on being present and acting as leeches on the rest of society.

Therefore, we are at an impasse, until the rest of society decides what they want to do with the well to do.

And, if I were the well to do, I wouldn’t wait until it reaches that point.

History hasn’t been kind to those who ignore, disregard and mistreat the rest of society for whatever reason or justification they may come up with.

This is where reality hits the fan.

And it’s only in the brains of a few that reality doesn’t exist as it is.

And that’s how the well to do and the people who support them, both in and out of power, fail.

All thanks to their mal-evolved brains.

And nowhere else.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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