Trying to Get Something Out of Nothing

Trying to Get Something Out of Nothing

How does any of these proposals make any sense, in light of our shared empirical reality?

How do people magically get themselves out of poverty without a combination of hard work on their part and appropriate compensation for the work that they do?

Remember, it was World War II that got the United States out of the Great Depression: a massive government investment in our military production and our military itself.

People won’t magically lift themselves out of poverty, unless they’re given the ladder to do so either through education or increased wages and benefits.

I’m not a personal supporter of welfare.

But I do think that work should pay more than  welfare, and that the welfare system should be designed as such to incentivize working harder and rising yourself out of the previously poorer paying jobs that you were occupying.

In the end, wealth needs to circulate and flow throughout the society and the economy in order to bring about growth, productivity and social/individual health and well being.  There are no two ways about it, and anything short of this is just rationalized greed at the expense of the whole that is our society and out economy.

Call it “Socialism” if you’d like.

But that piece of simplistic name-calling just hides the fact that this, when combined with the decentralized operation of the economy, and the reasonable regulation of business and finance to protect the environment and the people living in society as what would really work to bring about health, well-being and quality of life for all in the realm beyond opinion, hope and desire.  To make policy be otherwise, is to produce a different, less healthy, more unstable and less sustainable society in this realm of existence.  Even though others will find the alternatives to be more psychologically gratifying, I would, again, argue that they are simply brains that are disconnected from the reality that is common to us all, and are acting as dangers to themselves and to others as a result of their delusions and negatively effective inclinations.

They are the people who do not deserve an ear from the general public or the media, and should not be participants in the official political process in significant manners, for their own sakes at the very least, for our sakes at the very most.  At best, they belong in psychiatric wards for research and treatment, such that they can, one day, hopefully rejoin society as members who are in touch with the reality that is common to us all and the natural laws of cause and effect with regards to governing function and government policy.

Reality is not a game where you can pick and choose what you accept and believe in, and expect to have no consequences from those choices.  There is only the reality that is around us and that we are apart of.  Whether or not you acknowledge, work with and try to understand it in its most accurate terms is something that’s up to your brain to do or not do, depending upon its genetic and/or memetic composition.

That’s just the way it is.

And, when you’re in government thinking that reality is a democracy, you’re only working to kill yourself, your governing faction and the world around you that you depend on.

Think about it.


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