Very Interesting Indeed

Very Interesting Indeed

It’s amazing to me how the ancients actually grasped some things intuitively about the way that our world actually works.

Those who have mistreated others will, more than likely, vanish into memory and no longer be cared about down here, in this universe, while those who have done good things for others are retained in the memories of those who they leave behind.

Whether or not there is a life after death, or other planes of existence is an irrelevant issue.

This all happens now, on this plane of existence, in the shortest of short terms.

Some people, in spite of how impious they may be, are able to grasp this concept by virtue of their brains and their brains’ function.

Some people, in spite of how pious they may be, are unable to grasp this concept, by the lack of virtue of their brains.

Some are in touch with lived reality that is around us while others are not.

How ironic that it is those who claim the most piety in the official senses, who often fail at these basic tests of human compassion, while those who don’t or avoid piety often succeed.

A shame that we still haven’t worked out the evolutionary baggage that prevents us from being able to practice compassion at the very least, and wisdom at the very most.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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