Way Cool Science

Way Cool Science

I hypothesize that we can identify the nodes within our society that influence and exert maximum control over our social system, and thus, our social and environmental well being.

I hypothesize that it all comes down to those who work in government, those who work in finance and those who work in media. These three branches control what laws get made (how our society gets structured), what kind of economy we end up having (through the control of where the money flows) and what gets attention and how it gets attention.  Military might and law enforcement may be other factors that influence what actually gets done within the society.

Furthermore, by a simultaneous combination of these factors, we can tangibly make life for ourselves, as humans (individually and collectively), happier, more sustainable and more durable throughout time and space, starting in the short term, and extending out to the long term, ad infinitum and beyond.

They key to survival and longevity, however, is to make it possible for these systems to revive themselves, should anything happen to cause them to fail, collapse or be eliminated in their own right.  Hierarchy serves a purpose, as far as getting things done and maintaining accountability.  However, it should be possible for as many people as possible to move into those positions, such that we can have a constant supply of leaders, should any one of them fail to either lead well, or be eliminated.  Continuity of government (which can be seen as a sum of all factors within our social sphere) is essential to the resurrection of social well being, even though society can technically exist in the unideal state of anarchy, without government in the fullest sense of the word “government.”

Therefore, it is a combination of hierarchy with non-hierarchy that is essential to social function and well being, even though there are sections of our social world that have more influence than others over the social world.

The part that our current leaderships fail at, is making the world better, more sustainable and happier for everybody, including for their own selves, in leadership positions.  The less they focus on the people and the more they focus on their small selves, the less likely they will be able to stay in power reliably.  That’s just history; eventually society eliminates dysfunctional or malfunctional government.

This is how it works in our world in the space beyond our brains.

The more we ignore it, and the less we focus and abide by those natural laws of the world that is around us, the less likely it will be that we will live in a sustainable, happy and survivable world.

The more we treat government and reality as an art form where we can do whatever we want, whenever we want without consequence to ourselves, the less likely we’ll be able to survive, let alone be well, on this plane of existence.

And, some brains won’t get these concepts, which is why they should not be allowed in power or listened to by the rest of society.

It’s time to close ranks against those who do not perceive, accept or work with reality, who are more concerned with financial wealth and relative power that they do not have, and prevent them from having influence or being in power.

It’s time that we focus on well being, health and survival over wealth and ideology.

And it’s all thanks to our brains that it works one way or another.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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