Politics vs. Governance

celtic-tree-of-life-circle-car-window-sticker-14057-pPolitics vs. Governance

Well, I hope Mr. Wilson likes being a one term mayor.

This is what I mean by the Republicans only know how to politik, as opposed to knowing how to govern. If you’re looking for the cheap gimmicky crap, with catchy lines and other such nonsense meant to woo voters into bed and then abuse them while they’re in power, look no further than the GOP and the conservative factions of our society.

It’s a shame that the liberals and progressives haven’t figured out how to use the pick up lines with the same effectiveness, in order to govern effectively for the sake of the society as a whole (if the official party is going to do that in the first place).  But, that’s where our current society rests, with regards to politics, policy and governance.

We need to decide as a society whether we’re going to stand for something substantial, or stand for this nonsense, bearing in mind, that the more often that you side with the nonsense, the more damage is going to be done to the society on this level of existence.

The liberals have to master how to talk with people, much like a young man has to learn how to communicate with women in order to find someone to settle down with.  But, they should also practice how to actually take care of another person, in such a way that that person is physically and psychologically satisfied by their presence.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, a government’s relationship to society is like a marriage of co-equal partners (gay, bi, lesbian, doesn’t matter).  In government, you must do what would actually be best for the short and long term health and well being of the society, if you are going to be remembered well, thought of positively and, ultimately, kept in power by that society throughout time and space.  You must also recognize that the society will, more than likely, continue on way past the government’s lifetime, meaning that, for the sake of the species, it is up to the government to bend and sacrifice for the society in question, such that the society can continue on and form a new government when and if the old government becomes obsolete for the society in question.  A government should be adaptable for and to the society’s changing needs and wishes, if it is going to have longevity.

However, true government that’s positively acting for the sake of the people, would lay down its own life for the sake of preserving the society, even if it means that the society would undergo another dark ages at the hands of another, less caring and less sensed power to be.  If the old government was doing a good job, relative to the new one, the society would tend back towards the old government’s methods and policy regimens.  If not, than the most that the old government can do is wish the society well, and carry on as private citizens.  In the end, if a government is acting for its own self-interests and for its own sake, it will tend to go in the same direction, using the same methods and ethics to sense, observe and treat the society according to its needs and wishes.  Therefore, politics would, in theory, be irrelevant, if the government and its members were acting in its own self interests.  There are many designs and methods that can be used in government; a whole cosmos of a design space.  Yet, for each individual society and layer of society, there are only a handful of successful designs, with only one, in theory, being optimal for the given society (even if it does require a plurality of cooperating designs).

This is from the evidence that history has provided, and my own observations concerning human society, human behavior and human needs.  We can either learn the lessons from history, psychology and sociology and govern according to the natural laws and functions of our universe, realizing something tangibly better in this dystopian universe of ours.  Or, we can ignore facts and reality itself, and tangibly grind ourselves into the ground under the people like Mr. Wilson, who only know how to bullshit.

The choice is ours.

And that’s what scares me the most.

Think about it.


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