The Ten Percent of Life

Many business people and corporate executives say that they work hard for what they have earned.  For some of them, who actually work in business, this is true.

However, don’t their employees also work hard at what they do?

Don’t they sometimes work harder than their executive bosses, in order to make ends meet?

Don’t they deserve a piece of the net profit that they produce through their labor as well?

Why should it all get consumed by the corporate executives?

What of people who live on disability who actually have a disability?

Aren’t their lives inhibited enough without adding financial strain to their list of problems?

It seems to me, that the chief complaint from the executive class, is either that their taxes are too high, or that they shouldn’t have to pay more to their workers.

The way I see it, most people have, at the bare minimum, in most instances, at least ten-percent of their lives they don’t like very much.

There’s a little bit of suck in everything that you do, that’s just life.

The way I see it, from what the executives seem concerned about, is that their only suck is that they’re either paying too much in taxes or are having to fork over more of the company’s profits than they’d like to to the rest of the workers.  They otherwise, don’t seem to have much suck in their lives other than having the basic societal obligations to pay taxes and ensure that workers are compensated according to what they actually do.

So what is paying taxes and taking care of your employees, other than the ten-percent of their lives that basically just sucks?

As far as I’m concerned, these executives should just take their ten-percent of basic suckage and just accept it like adults.

What otherwise, do they have to complain about?

They still would make plenty of money to live lavish lifestyles.

They may even still make more than enough money than they could spend in their lifetimes.

They obviously, have relatively high job satisfaction, otherwise, they wouldn’t be working at the levels that they are.

And, unless they’re subject to some debilitation of their own, or personal troubles within their families and personal lives (which are, again, normal for humanity), what else do they have to complain about?

Business people, executives, take your ten percent like adults.

Or leave society behind.

Leave your wealth, your clothes, your home, your family, your job, and just go out into the woods, where there is no society for you to be bothered with.  After all, aren’t all of those things just artifacts of the society that they abhor?  What good is wealth, if you have nothing to spend it on, or no one to assign it value?

How do you produce all of those fancy gadgets and machines and products that you didn’t necessarily design or build yourself?

How can you truly call yourself an individual if you are not completely independent from society itself?

Therefore, business people, if you are so bold, and committed to Ayn Rand, go out into the woods, and go Galt.

Don’t bother running for office, contributing to campaigns or voting, while you’re at it.

Don’t reform as your own separate society away from society (because, what else would you be doing, other than creating a new collective to be bound by).

Get out of society!

And, please, let the door hit you on the way out.

Think about it.


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