Closer to China

Closer to China

The only thing that’s Buddhist about these Theravada is their name.  No sense, no compassion.
Such callousness!
And, I’m afraid that, with the world unifying against the Sri Lankan government, it will push them closer to China, in case of conflict in the region.Monmohan Singh, India’s Prime Minister, already sowed the seeds of this alliance with China by boycotting the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo.  The Chinese government, after all, doesn’t make many distinction between human and non-human rights.

Thus, we see the stages for a potential war fomenting over Asia.
The lines are being drawn.
And, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen, in the near to distant future, especially as the Chinese face their own internal conflict with their people.
My advice to the US would be to watch for opportunities to destabilize the official Chinese government, in case of war and be prepared to support the more socially legitimated factions in China against the current Communists.  We need a leadership in China that is going to be more sustainable, more harmonious with its people and less competitively driven on the world’s scale.  Regionally, I don’t think it matters to us who governs in Asia, provided that we move our manufacturing back here, to the US, just so long as the people are happy.  So long as their governments are at peace within themselves and the world around them, what’s the point of worrying about the specifics of governing with those who have different cultures, different histories and different ways of thinking about the world, in their own countries?
Think about it.

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